2016 Shareholder Engagement Forum

On September 14, 2016, NYSE Governance Services hosted the Shareholder Engagement Forum, which focused on bridging the gap between the board and investor communications by providing insights and advice to bolster their preparedness and create meaningful avenues for effective, on-going communication. Video recordings from the general session panels are available below.

Preparing for Shareholder Activism: A Collaborative Case Study

Panelists walk through a case study to help the audience prepare for a potential knock at the door from an activist.

Proxy Season Hot Buttons—Planning Ahead for 2017

Discussion of the major issues that went to shareholder votes in 2016 and an analysis of their outcomes.

Activist Campaign Do's and Don’ts – Lessons from the Field

Learn why some companies landed in a proxy fight with activists, how others were able to reach a resolution, and what policies were implemented as a result.

Building a Fortress: Proactive Strategies for a Strong Board

Seasoned board members share their experiences with successful strategies that align with shareholder expectations.

Know Your Investors: Staying in Touch with Shareholders’ Agendas and Perspectives

Learn from experts in the field on how to proactively engage with investors.

FORGE: Shareholder Engagement

Panelists discuss insights from the recent FORGE roundtable on shareholder engagement.