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Integrated media

Corporate Board Member provides an independent voice through an integrated suite of resources for today’s corporate leaders seeking to create a strategic leadership advantage through improved corporate governance practices.

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Industries We Serve

  • Accounting/Finance
  • Benefits/Payroll/401(k)/Retirement
  • Board Meetings and Retreats
  • Commercial Banking/Investment Banking/Credit
  • Commercial Real Estate/Construction
  • Consulting
  • Corporate Gift Solutions
  • Economic Development
  • Executive Recruitment, Development & Training
  • Executive Health
  • Insurance
  • Luxury/Personal Wealth
  • Manufacturing
  • Private Aviation
  • Rewards and Incentives
  • Talent Management
  • Technology (Software, Hardware, Service)
  • Travel/Transport/Supply Chain/Logistics


Jamie Tassa, Publisher
Tel: 615-592-1506
Email: jtassa@chiefexecutive.net

Chris Chalk
Tel: 847-730-3662
Email: cchalk@chiefexecutive.net

Lisa Cooper
Tel:  203-889-4983
Email: lcooper@chiefexecutive.net

Liz Irving
Tel:  203-889-4976
Email: lirving@chiefexecutive.net

Gabriella Kallay
Tel:  203-930-2918
Email:  gkallay@chiefexecutive.net

Marc Richards
Tel:  203-930-2706
Email:  mrichards@chiefexecutive.net

Phillip Wren
Tel:  203-930-2708
Email: pwren@chiefexecutive.net