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Bridging The Digitization And Cybersecurity Divide

In pursuing the opportunities technological advances bring, boards must also navigate new vulnerabilities.

Excelling At Engagement

A decade into Say on Pay, effective shareholder outreach is more critical than ever.

Quantifying The Cost Of A Cybersecurity Threat

From lost business to employee morale, the impact of a network breach can hit companies on multiple fronts. Takeaways from a recent director roundtable discussion on how to gauge—and prepare for—the potential hit.

Study: Covid Impact On Executive Compensation

The most common expected change is to widen the ranges for financial targets between threshold, target and maximum, a study finds.

How Boards Can Get Their Arms Around ESG Oversight

The following structure can help boards allocate ESG oversight in a way that assigns its components to the appropriate committee while leaving overall responsibility to the full board. 

Three Recommendations For Your Virtual Shareholder Meeting In 2021

Avoid challenges from investor groups by addressing problems well ahead of time.

Corporate Board Member Institute

The leading continuing education program for public company boards.

Director Optimism Declines For 7th Consecutive Month

After peaking in April, board members’ outlook for the future of business slipped further in November, driven by renewed Covid fears, inflation and a tight labor market.