What Directors Think: Navigating 2019’s Biggest Issues for Public Company Boards

For the past 16 years, Corporate Board Member has surveyed public company directors to take their pulse on top boardroom issues. This year’s study, in partnership with Grant Thornton, reveals an interesting evolution of the corporate governance landscape.

As a public company director in a time of geopolitical unrest, new regulatory considerations and an ever-evolving, disruptive landscape, your oversight responsibilities are at an all-time high.

Join this webinar to find out what’s on the minds of other public company directors and gain tangible advice to address your board responsibilities in the year ahead.

Webinar highlights include: 

– Developing a corporate citizenship mentality to reach younger generations of consumers

– Navigating the current trade war

– Increasing the diversity ratio on your board

– Adding innovation discussions to your board agenda

– Understanding the difference between data privacy and data security programs

– Creating a cyber-defense program that can help your company outperform its peers

On demand webinars are available in the resource library for Board Leadership Program Members.