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Effects of Covid-19 on Shareholder Activist and M&A

Opportunistic stake-building and takeovers are not a strange occurrence in market downturns; yet activist activity abated in the first half of 2020, at a time when stock market valuation of public companies declined by significant margins. The market also unveiled significant opportunities for companies to further strengthen their portfolios or gain market share through M&A, but very few market participants have taken advantage of low valuations.

Digital Evolution

Everyone knows the future is digital. So why are directors and management’s views on the issue still misaligned? Hear from more than 200+ public company directors and gain insights on how boards and management can work together to further progress on the path of digital transformation.

Winning the Talent War

Today, a company's intangible assets, which include human capital and culture, account for a significant portion of market value. For that reason, more and more stakeholders now seek to understand how companies are integrating such considerations into their overarching strategy to create long-term value. Here’s how boards across the U.S. are overseeing their companies’ talent readiness to meet shareholder expectations.

An ESG Roadmap

For many companies, the prospect of having their ESG programs graded or rated by scores of entities is jarring. No longer a box-checking exercise, investors and directors share tips to excel in your ESG oversight and disclosure efforts.

What Directors Think

In a time of international instability, with a business cycle in its seventh year of expansion and increased stakeholder scrutiny, boards’ oversight responsibilities are at an all-time high. This new study of nearly 300 public company directors provides interesting insights into the challenges and opportunities ahead, including a potential economic downturn, ESG-related oversight and disclosures, board composition and new activist trends.

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Building the Boardroom of Tomorrow

Board governance isn't only what happens during meetings. To compete and thrive the board of directors must expand their roles beyond traditional governance. Improve collaboration, governance and decision-making in the boardroom with these tips. Download the full eBook for more information.

Onboarding New Directors: Beyond the Board Manual

Our latest white paper, Onboarding New Directors: Beyond the Board Manual, explores ways to design an onboarding plan that is both informative and motivating. Learn how to start your new board members off on the right foot, and help directors be productive at their very first meeting.

Engineering Higher EQ and Better Dynamics in the Boardroom

Our latest white paper, Engineering Higher EQ and Better Dynamics in the Boardroom, covers some practical ways to improve interaction, engagement, and candor in the boardroom. Learn how employing these best practices can lead to innovative thinking and more informed and accelerated decision-making.

Digitizing the Board for Efficiency

Our latest white paper, Digitizing the Board for Efficiency, covers the keys to operating a paperless boardroom. Learn how digitizing your boardroom can make it easier for directors to communicate, make decisions and optimize corporate governance processes.

The Art of Recording Board Meeting Minutes

Our latest white paper, The Art of Recording Board Meeting Minutes, explores the secrets behind taking great notes at board meetings, including how to leverage technology to draft, distribute, and approve meeting minutes. Learn how to master the art of recording minutes so your board can reach new levels of communication, collaboration and productivity.