Research from Corporate Board Member

Confidence in Compliance

Today’s organizations face increasingly complex regulations and legislation targeting an array of new risks that must be addressed by corporate compliance and oversight. A new study conducted by Corporate Board Member in partnership with FTI Consulting warns directors and legal advisors that today’s environment may pose a challenge to their established oversight function.

D&O Liability: How Exposed Are You?

From #MeToo to cyber risk exposure, emerging areas of vulnerability are fueling increase in both the volume of shareholder claims and the difficulty of defending them. Here's more on the D&O litigation landscape.

How Boards Are Governing Disruptive Technology

Emerging technologies are a disruptive force driving changes to existing business models. They can improve operational efficiencies, create new products and support expansion. Overlooking these opportunities can be costly, but so can a rush to implement them. Read about what is taking shape in boardrooms across the country and how directors can improve their oversight of disruptive innovation over both the long and short terms.

Paying for ‘the Right’ Performance

What makes a company successful? Stock price growth? Meeting the business plan? Beating external expectations? Companies must consider success across multiple fronts, and boards of directors play a critical role in defining this success, including by determining how to best measure and reward performance against the goals of the strategic plan.

What Directors Think 2019

Read fellow directors’ opinions on today’s top issues—from cybersecurity and disruptive technologies to boardroom diversity and trade policies—and benchmark your board’s practices. This annual research report is the perfect companion to your boardroom discussions.

Research & Insights from our Partners

Building the Boardroom of Tomorrow

Board governance isn't only what happens during meetings. To compete and thrive the board of directors must expand their roles beyond traditional governance. Improve collaboration, governance and decision-making in the boardroom with these tips. Download the full eBook for more information.

Onboarding New Directors: Beyond the Board Manual

Our latest white paper, Onboarding New Directors: Beyond the Board Manual, explores ways to design an onboarding plan that is both informative and motivating. Learn how to start your new board members off on the right foot, and help directors be productive at their very first meeting.

Engineering Higher EQ and Better Dynamics in the Boardroom

Our latest white paper, Engineering Higher EQ and Better Dynamics in the Boardroom, covers some practical ways to improve interaction, engagement, and candor in the boardroom. Learn how employing these best practices can lead to innovative thinking and more informed and accelerated decision-making.

Digitizing the Board for Efficiency

Our latest white paper, Digitizing the Board for Efficiency, covers the keys to operating a paperless boardroom. Learn how digitizing your boardroom can make it easier for directors to communicate, make decisions and optimize corporate governance processes.

The Art of Recording Board Meeting Minutes

Our latest white paper, The Art of Recording Board Meeting Minutes, explores the secrets behind taking great notes at board meetings, including how to leverage technology to draft, distribute, and approve meeting minutes. Learn how to master the art of recording minutes so your board can reach new levels of communication, collaboration and productivity.