Monday, September 16

10:00 – 10:30 am

Registration and Networking

10:30 – 10:45 am

Welcome and Board Committee Peer Exchange Kick-off

10:45 am – 1:45 pm

Concurrent Peer Exchanges (with working lunches)

Corporate Board Member’s Board Committee Peer Exchange provides an exclusive setting for public company directors and general counsel to share insights and solutions with their peers while discussing critical board leadership challenges and opportunities facing their organizations.

There will be no press present at any of the Peer Exchange sessions, and there will be no record of session proceedings, ensuring a forum for candid, in-depth discussion. No Powerpoints and no sales pitches. Peer-driven, action-oriented conversations leading to tangible takeaways. Participants are divided into small peer groups based on their board position and their company’s annual revenue. Seasoned advisers will help facilitate robust conversations.

Prior to the event, Corporate Board Member will solicit input from confirmed participants to develop the most relevant agenda for each committee session.

  • Audit Committee
  • Compensation Committee
  • Nominating/Governance Committee
  • Lead Directors and Board Chairs
  • General Counsel

1:45 – 2:00 pm

Networking Break

2:00 – 2:10 pm

Boardroom Summit Welcome

2:10 – 3:00 pm

Navigating the AI Frontier: Unleashing Potential, Ensuring Trust

Artificial intelligence is fundamentally changing how business gets done. The right AI choices will provide companies with a significant edge. But, realizing GenAI’s full potential also requires paying close attention to its potential risks. The outcomes of your AI systems are your responsibility. The moment of truth for trust in AI is coming. You need more than just compliant, secure systems—responsible AI requires an enterprise-wide approach and set of practices that ensures your employees are deploying the right solutions for the right situation with the right data and oversight to achieve reliable results. Our experts will help you see the possibilities within your organization and develop a governance framework that will help support transformation by avoiding potential traps.   

Florin Rotar

Chief AI Officer, Avanade

3:00 – 3:50 pm

The 3 Secrets of CEO Succession Planning Done Right

Determining who should succeed an incumbent CEO is fraught with complexity—but getting the process right is the board’s number one job. Great succession happens through great development. So, how does the board work with its C-Suite leaders to cultivate talent from within? What strategies do the best companies employ to prepare the next generation of leaders for the helm? How do you cultivate an environment that identifies—and nourishes—the hidden talents within your organization? We’ll delve into three of the most critical aspects of the CEO succession process to help you avoid common mistakes.

Matt Paese

Matt Paese Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Leadership Insights, DDI

Lee M. Shavel

President and Chief Executive Officer, Verisk

3:50 – 4:15 pm

Networking Break

6th Annual Board Leadership Awards


Sponsored by

Our Board Leadership Awards recognize exemplary companies and individuals who go beyond the basic requirements of governance, regulation and compliance and serve as models for other companies and individuals to emulate. After another year of continued—and new—challenges, the 2022 Awards seek to shine a light on those boards who are making a positive impact serving all of their stakeholders—shareholders, employees, customers, partners and communities. We’re excited to showcase the very best in corporate governance at a time when great examples matter more than ever before:

  • Independent Director of Year
  • Courage in the Boardroom
  • Greatest Impact on Corporate Boards
  • Lifetime Achievement

4:15 – 4:30 pm

4:30 – 5:30 pm

Expect the Unexpected: Timeless Board Leadership Lessons for Uncertain Times

Being a strong board leader requires bold decisions, especially in times of crisis and disruption. But disruption is nothing new. Every decade—every year—brings disruption. What separates the best boards—and in turn the best companies—from the rest is the ability to project resilience in the face of challenges. And the ability to balance  the push-pull of short-termism versus long-term needs, being a culture carrier, making sure you have the right people in the right seats on your C-suite team, and projecting resilience in the face of challenges—are just a few parts of the job of a director. We’ll sit down to unpack some of the key lessons from this year’s Board Leadership Award honorees to help you more confidently lead your own organizations to grow no matter the circumstances.

5:30 – 7:00 pm

Board Leadership Awards Celebration & Networking Reception


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Join fellow attendees for some festive networking as we celebrate our award honorees together in-person!

Tuesday, September 17

7:30 – 8:30 am

Breakfast Roundtables

Directors will gather in small groups with a subject matter expert to explore pertinent board issues.

8:30 – 8:35 am

Day 2 Welcome

8:35 – 9:30 am

Understanding Why Good Boards Make Bad Decisions: An Interactive Exercise

At their core, boards are more than a group of highly qualified individuals—they are sophisticated teams, assembled to work together smoothly while bringing diversity of thought, expertise, and experience to their oversight role. But problematic group dynamics can derail all kinds of teams, and boards are no exception. Boards can fall prey to threat rigidity when faced with a crisis; become entrapped by escalation of commitment when things don’t go as planned; fail to build the interpersonal dynamics that enable collective intelligence; or create psychologically unsafe environments that entrench conformity. 

 Join us for this highly interactive session as we explore the four most common barriers to an effective board and how your board can overcome them. 

Paul DeNicola

Principal, PwC’s Governance Insights Center

Catie Hall

Director, PwC’s Governance Insights Center

9:30 – 10:20 am

Leadership Legacies: Timeless Advice from the C-Suite to the Boardroom

Between them, Peter, Pat and Maggie have sat on more than 75 corporate boards over their careers. Each served as CEO of Fortune 500 public companies. Over the course of the last four decades, they’ve collectively seen just about every scenario a board could face – IPOs, acquisitions, divestitures, shareholder activists, CEO turnover, the onslaught of Sarbanes-Oxley, a financial crisis, tech boom and bust, industry shifts … and now they’ll share their secrets from the C-suite to the boardroom and offer unique perspectives garnered from real life experiences.

Learn about the pivotal moments that have shaped their board leadership philosophies and advice that stands the test of time when it comes to handling unprecedented challenges. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced, influential board members in corporate America. 

Peter Browning

Lead Director, ScanSource; Board Member, GMS Inc; Former CEO, Sonoco Products Company

Patricia Russo

Board Chair, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Board Member, GM, Merck and KKR; Former CEO, Lucent Technologies

TK Kerstetter

Co-Founder and Former CEO, Corporate Board Member, Retired Host, Inside America’s Boardrooms Co-Chair, 2024 Boardroom Summit

Maggie Wilderotter

Board Chair, DocuSign; Board Member, Costco Wholesale Corporation, Sana Biotechnology; Former CEO, Frontier Communications

10:20 – 10:40 am

Networking Break

10:40 – 11:30 am

Concurrent Breakouts

Attendees will divide into interactive breakouts led by subject matter experts on topics including Shareholder Activism, Board Evaluations and Cyber Security.

11:35 am – 12:25 pm

Concurrent Breakouts

Attendees will divide into interactive breakouts led by subject matter experts on topics including M&A, Profitable Growth Strategies and Top 5 Things You Should Ask Your GC.

12:25 – 1:10 pm

Networking Lunch

1:10 – 2:00 pm

Sustainability Under Fire – How Do Boards Find the Right Balance?

The spate of regulations in the U.S. and European Union that mandate, or soon will, increased disclosure by publicly traded companies on climate and other social and environmental risks will likely build a fire under boards to better grasp these issues, and the risks and opportunities they pose to companies. At the same time U.S. investors are pulling back billions from sustainable funds amid an ESG-backlash, employees and customers want to see their companies’ commitment to it. And, anyone that is part of a global supply chain can’t discount the importance of it. So how do boards find the middle ground? We’ll debate the issues to get to some actionable steps for boards to take with their stakeholders. 

Lisa Boyd

Co-Head of the ESG Practice and a Managing Director, Joele Frank

Darren Moskovitz

Darren Moskovitz

Partner, Meridian Compensation Partners

Moderator: Maria Doughty

Chief Executive Officer, The Chicago Network

Pamela Marcogliese

Partner and Head of US Transactions, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer US LLP

Amy Rojik

Amy Rojik

Leader, U.S. Center for Corporate Governance, BDO

2:00 - 2:50 pm

A People-Centric Approach to Building Resilience

Companies are operating in a highly disruptive environment with a variety of pressures impacting the talent agenda, including: a rebalancing of power in the labor market; hybrid workplaces; generative AI and job disruption; Gen Z’s impact on the workforce and more. 

How do companies build resilience in this continually disruptive workforce landscape? And how do boards help shape a people-centric talent strategy. We’ll look at how different ways boards are enabling (or not) a people-centric, resilient talent strategy.

Debra Kelly-Ennis

Board Member, Altria Group and FTI International

Kelvin Westbrook

Board Member, T-Mobile, Archer Daniels Midland Company, Camden Property Trust, and The Mosaic Company

Kris Pederson

Leader, EY Americas Center for Board Matters

2:50 - 3:45 pm

The Board’s Ultimate Cautionary Tale: Lessons From Enron’s Former Finance Chief

Andy Fastow and the Enron board represent the ultimate cautionary tale for all boards. The Enron bankruptcy was the biggest in history at the time, costing thousands of jobs, while wiping out over $40 billion in shareholder value and retirement savings.  Fastow plead guilty to two counts of securities fraud and served six years in a federal prison for his role in the bankruptcy. 

His presentation will be a candid retelling of the Enron bankruptcy, an exploration of “rules” versus “principles” and unconscious biases. Fastow may have been an overly aggressive, unethical, unqualified CFO, but where was the board? A CFO can’t do financing in a major company without board approval.

Smart boards make bad decisions. Smart boards miss red flags. How? Going beyond just the retelling of the Enron scandal, the lessons from this presentation will provide a critical reflection for boards in the contemporary landscape. Learn 10 things directors can do differently than most are doing now to become more self aware, catch yourself not seeing things, and steer your company toward sustainable—and ethical—success.  

Andy Fastow

Former Chief Financial Officer, Enron

3:45 – 4:00 pm

Event Close