Boardroom Technology: Is Your Board Keeping Pace?

Brian Stafford, President and CEO of Diligent Corporation, discusses the current state of boardroom technology around the world.

Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa On The Value Of Alternative Thinking

When I first joined the Nokia board of directors in 2008, a typical meeting with top management went like...

Why GE’s CEO Succession Plan Was The Exception, Not The Rule

Every CEO knows that being replaced is a potential fate, and the idea that they are more worried about someone on the board than the hundreds of candidates inside and out is ridiculous.

Building A Better Board-CEO Relationship

CEOs and board members who help each other balance roles, responsibilities, and a commitment to lead will foster more resilient, ready relationships that can provide answers when challenging situations arise.

Siemens USA CEO Barbara Humpton Leads Efforts To Elevate Women In Manufacturing

As the CEO of a manufacturing company, Barbara Humpton, chief at Siemens USA, acknowledges she occupies a rarefied position. That's why she's modeling success for many executive women in manufacturing and beyond.

What Corporate Boards Should Know About Blockchain

Barbara Berlin, a director with PwC’s Governance Insights Center, and Grainne McNamara, a principal with PwC’s Digital Team talk blockchain trends.

A Tale Of Two CEO Succession Scenarios

Best Buy and Fiat Chrysler both had to deal with unexpected CEO successions. Here is the story of how each company dealt with them.

Cybersecurity in the Boardroom

Hundreds of public company directors shared their views on the state of cyber oversight with us, from their biggest fear and identifying the rightful owner of the cyber risk.

To Manage Cyber Risk, Boards Need More Insight

Cyber risk, which has always represented a significant area of enterprise risk, is finally being acknowledged as intersecting with other areas of the board’s oversight.


Onboarding a new director

California Opens The Boardroom Doors To Women

Find out what California's new regulations on female directors at public companies means for boards moving forward.

Building Digital Resilience Into Your Business Plan

It is essential today that enterprises build digital resilience into their business plans—and do so across all areas of the organization.

What Boards Need To Know About Cyber Risk Insurance

Christian Hoffman, President of Aon’s U.S. Cyber Solutions Retail sector, explains what a cyber risk insurance policy typically covers–and how that coverage has recently evolved.
ESG scores

How Boards Can Handle A Confusing ESG Landscape

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal explained how some companies have high ESG ratings in some indexes and low ratings in others. TK Kerstetter shares advice on how boards can navigate this confusing landscape.

Board Under Siege: What Wells Fargo Did Right (And Wrong)

Wells Fargo's posh Florida location for its 2017 annual shareholder meeting seemed oddly inappropriate given recent events. There are many lessons boards can learn.

Shareholder Engagement: A Balancing Act

Board members share whether their oversight responsibilities should mandate regular communication with shareholders.