Doubling Down On ESG: Proxy Season With A Social Conscience

Board diversity, climate change, the opioid epidemic and gun violence will top the agenda in corporate boardrooms in 2019—with directors called upon to ensure that sophisticated policies are in place to address them.

Operating With A Corporate Citizenship Mentality

We’ve observed a growing demand for corporations to implement sustainable and fair practices that go beyond the interests of the organization.

We Got Zucked: Roger McNamee On The Lessons Of Facebook For Boards & CEOs

Roger McNamee was one of the most influential investors in Silicon Valley, mentoring many of the Valley’s hottest young leaders, including a very young Mark Zuckerberg. He recently wrote critically about Facebook in Zucked: Waking Up To The Facebook Catastrophe.

The Corporate Secretary’s Role In Onboarding New Board Members

TK Kerstetter and Paul Washington, Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel & Corporate Secretary of the Warner Media Group, break down the onboarding responsibilities of the company, the board members, and the new directors themselves.

SEC Commissioner Rob Jackson Jr.: “There’s A Cyber War Being Waged Against American Companies”

Robert J. Jackson Jr., SEC commissioner, spoke to Corporate Board Member about whether or not the SEC plans on issuing future guidance around cybersecurity disclosure.

Parity Power: Making A Difference In The Boardroom

The challenge isn’t just making it onto a board–it’s making a difference once you’re there. Once at the table, overcoming subconscious biases, assumptions and social and professional practices can hinder women directors.

Australian Boards Now Nearly 30% Female, Without Quotas

According to a recent report, Australia is “the first country in the world to achieve 30% gender diversity in top 100 boardrooms without regulatory intervention or quotas.”

From The Gridiron To Lessons in Governance

Governance in the corporate world is mainly “top down,” trickling from a board of directors, which is a distinctly different approach from the “bottom-up” governance principles R. Brad Oates learned in the NFL.

How To Onboard A New Director

Boards must be prepared to onboard new directors and facilitate a process that allows them to hit the ground running.


Are Disruptive Times Ahead for Public Company Boardrooms?

ESG, the proposed Accountable Capitalism Act, state-issued board diversity quotas, and continued pressure from institutional investors—these things will continue to shape board discussions and composition in 2019

McAfee’s CISO: “Security Should Be Discussed At Every Board Meeting”

McAfee's Grant Bourzikas spoke to us about the questions boards don’t ask when it comes to utilizing blockchain and IoT and why the supply chain is so vulnerable to cyber attacks.

What Is The Governance Revolution?

If directors take ownership of governance, they can drive the companies in their charge toward long term sustainable value creation over short term sophistry.

To Deal With Disruptive Technologies And Innovations, Boards Must Look Inward

At a time when every aspect of business seems to entail technology directly or indirectly, it’s little wonder that digital disruptions are featuring more heavily than ever among boards’ top concerns.

Board Composition Trends

With investors increasingly scrutinizing the composition, diversity and quality of boardrooms, directors serving on their board's nominating/governance committee are now in the spotlight.

Committee Briefings: Top Considerations for 2019

Investor expectations, new disclosure requirements, ESG, current and future trends–your committee agendas are filling up.