Four Mental Habits Of Highly-Effective Board Members

The most effective board members apply proven mental habits to the decisions at hand. The best boards think better as a consequence of the discipline required by these mental models.

Cultivating A More Diverse Corporate Board

Most directors believe gender diversity adds value to the board, improves board performance and brings a unique perspective to the board.

Corporate Culture Calls For Board Oversight

Culture deserves board-level attention now more than ever because of today's unprecedented business climate.

Boardroom Summit Preview: AlixPartners’ Fred Crawford

Fred Crawford, former CEO and senior vice chair, board of directors, AlixPartners, will be speaking at The Boardroom Summit, April 23-25, 2018 in New York City.

Asleep At The Wheel? What Boards Can Do To Jolt Their Members

GE's board was jolted by the under par performance of the company, but how can other boards protect themselves from such surprises?

Does Boardroom Accountability 2.0 Reflect Main Street Investors?

In this episode of Inside America's Boardrooms, Scott Stringer and Cindy Fornelli discuss the main objectives of the Boardroom Accountability Project version 2.0.

The Corporate Cancer: Silence

For corporate boards, silence can be more than detrimental. It can be devastating.

Adjusting Your Fight Plan: Business Strategy In The Age Of Agile Innovation

Three-to five-year business plans – once a staple of good governance – are a thing of the past as disruption increases and change quickens.

To Manage Cyber Risk, Boards Need More Insight

Cyber risk, which has always represented a significant area of enterprise risk, is finally being acknowledged as intersecting with other areas of the board’s oversight.


The Three Things Boards Need To Know About Social Purpose

Outstanding performance on social measures requires not simply technical competence but outstanding performance overall and at all levels.

Pay Ratio Rules: Flexibility Offers Advantages And Disadvantages

Proxy statements and certain other filings in 2018 will contain the much-anticipated pay ratio disclosures of public companies.

Boardroom Summit Preview: PwC’s Paula Loop On Cyber Risk, Oversight

Paula Loop, leader of PwC’s Governance Insights Center, will be speaking at The Boardroom Summit, April 23-25, 2018 in New York City.

GE Board Moves Show Flannery’s Not Afraid To Shake Things Up

General Electric announced its slate of director candidates for its 2018 annual meeting of shareholders, including three new faces and board slimmed down from 18 to 12 members.

Board Under Siege: What Wells Fargo Did Right (And Wrong)

Wells Fargo's posh Florida location for its 2017 annual shareholder meeting seemed oddly inappropriate given recent events. There are many lessons boards can learn.

Shareholder Engagement: A Balancing Act

Board members share whether their oversight responsibilities should mandate regular communication with shareholders.