How Boards Can Boost Their Cyber IQ

Every member of the board has some level of accountability for knowing what constitutes cyber risk and how to best manage it. Fortunately, resources abound.

Forget Cybersecurity

It’s no longer a question of whether a company will be attacked, but when. Rather than focus on prevention, boards need to embrace the idea of cyber resilience—or continuing to operate after a breach.

A Playbook For Your Next CEO Exit

Turnover in the top spot has never been higher—and boards are too often caught flat footed. Consider this advice as you plan for unexpected CEO turnover.

Tesla Comp Case Highlights Increased Board Scrutiny

Recent Delaware court decisions indicate that board votes on CEO compensation are being held to a different standard than other governance calls.

Board Leadership Program

The leading continuing education program for public company boards.

The Changing Face Of America’s Boardrooms

Boards today are female, more ethnically diverse and have more kinds of experience around the table, according to CBM research.

Board Confidence in Compliance Programs Is Dwindling

Increasing complexity of the rules and regulations, emerging risk and a lack of formal metrics for measuring the effectiveness of compliance programs are all contributing to rising director anxiety.

Sex and the CEO

Amorous relationships between bosses and subordinates are fraught with risk. Boards need to deal with the issue head-on to protect employees, the company, shareholders and themselves.

The Risks Of Star Power On Your Board

Celebrity directors bring lots of attention to your company—and lots of complications to your board.

How To Onboard A New Director

Boards must be prepared to onboard new directors and facilitate a process that allows them to hit the ground running.


The One Question You Should Ask To Help Your Board Stay Compliant

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Becoming a Great Board Chair

This is the first of a two-part series. Are there specific aspects of a board chair role that if demonstrated...

Scarlett Letters

Adapted from a speech to the American Enterprise Institute. The commissioner’s remarks, excerpted and edited for length, represent her...

Guide To Board Assessments

Engaging a useful, annual self-assessment is fundamental to governance excellence. Stakeholders expect it, and disclosure of it evidences a board’s effectiveness and commitment to its role.

Committee Briefings: Top Considerations for 2019

Investor expectations, new disclosure requirements, ESG, current and future trends–your committee agendas are filling up.