Early Say-On-Pay Results Sending Directors A Message

If shareholders continue to be dissatisfied with CEO salaries, directors who sit on compensation committees may come under greater scrutiny.

Prepping For Proxy Season

ESG is back on boardroom agendas with a vengeance in 2021. Here’s what directors should be thinking about on each branch of the acronym.

CEOs And Covid: Winning In The Homestretch

How business leadership can help stop a two-year global health crisis from turning into a generational one.

Research Shows Boards Vigilantly Cautious On The Economic Recovery

As companies focus on capturing growth in a rebounding economy, public company directors are keeping a watchful eye on potential new risks amid the opportunities.

Corporate Board Member Institute

The leading continuing education program for public company boards.

Worker Representation Proposals Highlight Board, Employee Relationship

Such proposals have been defeated in the recent past, but boards that would rather head them off than fight them should consider taking the following actions.

Hubert Joly: ‘The Whole Milton Friedman Thing Is Dead’

Joly made retail magic saving also-ran Best Buy in the age of Amazon. Now a corporate director, first-time author and HBS lecturer, he’s preaching a whole new way to win.

Poll: Director Optimism Stalls in April 

U.S. public company board members’ optimism heading into the spring is increasingly tempered by worries over new taxes and regulations. 

Biden’s Focus On Climate Will Challenge Boards

To achieve the President's ambitious goals, his administration will need cooperation from corporations. What boards and CEOs need to know.



After Covid, Get Ready To Get Sued

A flood of post-pandemic litigation is forming. A field guide to what’s ahead.

Research: Boards Share Their Digital Plans And Strategies For The Post-Covid Era

A recent survey of corporate board members looks at public companies’ digital strategies and how they’re planning for the new environment. Hint: It’s all about the customer.

Perspectives From The Chair: Leading With Influence

In the past, some Nom-Gov chairs felt they were perceived as onerous compliance police. Today, they have the opportunity to lead on a host of critical issues confronting organizations and their boards. A look at how to do that right.

Synchrony’s Rick Hartnack On Refreshment, Remote Work And Risk

In an interview with Corporate Board Member, Hartnack shares his views on a range of topics, including how to monitor culture from the outside.

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Director Fundamentals

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