BlackRock Voting Against Directors Could Move Boards To Rethink Governance, Strategy

Living up to expectations may require some boards to take a hard and honest look at how they’ve approached dealing with some of the five priorities the investor has highlighted.

Diversity on Boards: The Numbers Aren’t Enough

Sometimes exclusion is not intentional; it just happens. To confront the oversight and tap the resources and talents that diversity brings to the table, here are some things to keep in mind.

Making Data Privacy A Competitive Differentiator

Companies that falter on data privacy practices risk running afoul of regulators—and missing an opportunity.

As Diversity Lawsuits Are Dismissed, What Will Shareholders Try Next?

With the courts saying that shareholders must prove that they have formally asked boards to diversify—and given boards time to make changes—a couple of responses from shareholders are likely.

The Essence Of A Great Director

Great board members have an almost paradoxical ability to be collegial and constructive on the one hand and challenging on the other. The worst directors, on the other hand, are like bulls in the proverbial china shop. Here's how to identify and avoid the latter.

Corporate Board Member Institute

The leading continuing education program for public company boards.

Getting Cybersecurity Oversight Right

It’s complicated, overwhelming and seemingly impossible, but directors can play a critical role in staving off and recovering from cyber events. Here’s how.

July Poll Finds CEO Confidence Rebounding To Multi-Year High

Chief Executive’s latest poll of U.S. CEOs finds surging optimism, as buoyant consumer demand and return-to-office policies swamp inflation worries.

Risk 2022 Special Report: Cybersecurity Meets Reality

Cyber risk can’t be eliminated, but it can be managed. Directors shared oversight strategies at Corporate Board Member’s 2021 Board Risk Forum. Some ideas.

SEC Commissioner Allison Lee Hints At Potential Climate And ESG Disclosure Rules

When government agencies, proxy advisors and shareholders all agree on the same things, it’s time for boards to move.

Why Silence Is Not Golden For CEOs

Corporate leaders know harmony, not divisiveness, is in the interest of society and business.

Select Your Board With Intention To Reach True Diversification

Five tips for getting real diversity in your boardroom before the absence of it begins to affect your bottom line.



Three Important KPIs For Corporate Governance Professionals

Key performing indicators (KPIs) are frequently used to evaluate corporate governance teams. Based on nearly 30 years of experience as Nasdaq’s Corporate Secretary, I have found that there are many important KPIs for corporate governance teams—especially in their role supporting the organization’s corporate governance practices, strategy, and purpose. While...

Bridging The Digitization And Cybersecurity Divide

In pursuing the opportunities technological advances bring, boards must also navigate new vulnerabilities.