Reexamining Hiring Pay Practices

As competition for talent intensifies, companies may need to rethink executive recruitment packages.

How Barra Built GM’s Majority-Women Board

One of the nation’s most influential boards is also among its most gender-diverse. here’s how GM’s Chair and CEO pulled it together—and why.

Webcast: Market Trends in Change-in-Control Severance Arrangements

When was the last time your company took a fresh look at the executive severance program? Shifting market trends might warrant a re-examination.

Leading Through Uncertainty And Change

The military’s collaborative planning process creates a shared information environment that enables rapid adjustments during changing circumstances. Here’s how your company can use it to increase agility and stay competitive.

Director Confidence In Economy Slides In September As Covid, Washington Fuel Uncertainty

New data collected by Corporate Board Member and Diligent Institute shows optimism among public-company director at its lowest level in a year.

Corporate Board Member Institute

The leading continuing education program for public company boards.

Director of the Year, DaVita Chair Pamela Arway: ‘You Have To Be Bold’

Pamela Arway became chair of DaVita in 2020, just in time to help the critical care provider grapple with some of the most difficult decisions it’s ever faced.

Xcel Energy Chairman Ben Fowke: ‘A Lot Of Opportunities To Lead’

Amid a litany of arguments that moving to 100 percent renewable power is impossible, Xcel Energy’s board decided to do it anyway—challenging other businesses to follow. led to our announcement

J&J Lead Director Anne Mulcahy: ‘It Was A Moment Of Truth’

When Covid struck, J&J not only marshaled its considerable resources to develop a vaccine but pledged to do it on a nonprofit basis—with the full support of its board.

Winners Of The 2021 Board Leadership Awards Announced

DaVita’s Pamela Arway, Johnson & Johnson, Xcel Energy and ACCD’s Clint Allen recognized by panel of peer directors for significant accomplishments in the field of corporate governance and board leadership. Awards will be presented on Sept. 23, 2021, at Annual Boardroom Summit.

Boards Asked To Play A Larger Role In Talent Management And Culture

Four issues boards need to consider to stay on top of talent strategy.

How To Be A Great Committee Chair

Like orchestra conductors, Committee Chairs own the full score—and their job is to bring out the best in their team without ever losing sight of the common goal.



Reexamining Hiring Pay Practices

As competition for talent intensifies, companies may need to rethink executive recruitment packages.

Four Key Areas In M&A And Governance Boards Should Focus On Post Pandemic

Although we have not conquered the virus yet, we all hope that the world is gradually emerging from the global pandemic, one of the most challenging and uncertain times in our memory. As the economy has improved and companies are optimistic about their business, boards are reflecting on lessons...