In New Poll, Directors Split On G7’s Global Minimum Corporate Tax Plan

Among those against the idea, the most common reason is loss of competitiveness for U.S. companies.

Record Progress On Board Diversity In 2021— But Is It Sustainable?

While we should take time to acknowledge the progress made in diversifying corporate boards, this is also a good time for directors to determine where they stand on this issue.

The Surprising Power Of Gratitude

As the nation moves out of the pandemic nightmare, Chester Elton, author of Leading With Gratitude says the habit of saying ‘thank you’ has become the most essential leadership skill today.

Nearly Half Of CEOs Struggling With Digitalization Efforts, Poll Finds

The surprising findings are part of a new initiative from sister publication Chief Executive to help the nation’s C-Suites become better digital leaders.

Could The Record Number Of Proposals Make Diversity A “Best Practice?”

With shareholder proposals at record levels, proxy advisors threatening to vote “against” directors on non-diverse boards and increasing state legislation threatening fines for lack of diversity, it may soon be all but mandatory.

Corporate Board Member Institute

The leading continuing education program for public company boards.

Chevron’s Moyo: Boards May Be Ill-Prepared For The Future

Veteran director and economist Dambisa Moyo talks about the move toward national isolationism and other emerging risks boards need to get ready for.

Despite Workforce Challenges, CHROs Very Optimistic About Year Ahead, New Poll Finds

Despite concerns over talent shortages, employee morale and growing burnout rates, America’s HR chiefs remain confident about prospects for business and the economy—more so than CEOs and CFOs.  

The CEO You Need For The 21st Century

Authenticity, long-range vision and humility are but a few of the characteristics boards should be looking for to lead their companies.

SEC’s Elad Roisman: 5 Ideas To Get A Grip On ESG Compliance Costs

Roisman tells directors that SEC should “consider tailoring new rules to mitigate costs” before embarking on a widely-anticipated wave of ESG rulemaking.

Preempt The Coming Wave Of Talent Poaching

It's about to get uglier in the war for talent. Follow these four steps to get ready—so you're not on the losing side of the battle.

BlackRock’s Cameron On The Board As Competitive Advantage

To promote that necessary board evolution, Cameron recommends placing emphasis on the following areas.



Excelling At Engagement

A decade into Say on Pay, effective shareholder outreach is more critical than ever.

Quantifying The Cost Of A Cybersecurity Threat

From lost business to employee morale, the impact of a network breach can hit companies on multiple fronts. Takeaways from a recent director roundtable discussion on how to gauge—and prepare for—the potential hit.