Director Optimism Hits New Low In September

Corporate Board Member’s September reading of director sentiment shows optimism waning, as companies continue to grapple with unresolved challenges and lingering uncertainties.

Tesla Shareholder Conflicts May Give Insight Into Proxy Season 2022

New developments show that shareholders are shifting their views on a number of issues that could affect corporate boards next year. A rundown of what to expect.

Former GE CEO Jeff Immelt: ‘What I’ve Learned’

Roundly blamed for leveling the house that Jack built, Immelt offers an after-action report from his tenure, with lessons for every director.

Boards Of Directors: Stakeholder Capitalism Needs You

The model for success we have been following for decades is setting us up for catastrophic failure. It is time to choose—not whether capitalism is the foundation of widespread prosperity and progress (it is), but rather about what kind of capitalism America should adopt moving forward.

It Is Possible To Be Both Loved And Respected

Scores of businesses have demonstrated that doing good is not antithetical to doing well.

Corporate Board Member Institute

The leading continuing education program for public company boards.

Survey: Directors Fear Fraud and Misconduct Will Grow Over Next 2 Years

The responsibilities of corporate directors continue to expand, and the entire board must be willing to anticipate potential problems and mitigate them before they have an adverse effect on the company.

How To Manage Your Most Important Risk

Shift your metrics if you want to address the dangers to profitability most effectively.

Return to Work: Long-Term, Strategic Impacts That Boards Need To Think About Now

In many respects, the current decisions about remote work are far more difficult than when the pandemic began, and are driven by numerous considerations.

How To Set Yourself Apart On Diversity

The new Nasdaq rule means more companies will fall in line on board diversity—but that won't be enough.

Bev Behan’s Five Keys To Becoming A Boardroom Star

The global expert on corporate governance and board effectiveness shares her thoughts on what corporate directors can do to outshine colleagues in the boardroom.

Five Ways To Drive Board Diversity

Really want to move the needle? Try raising expectations, accepting no excuses, applying a wider lens and taking a longer term view.



Changes Are Coming To Board Oversight Of ESG, HCM And DEI. Is Your Board...

From climate change to workplace diversity, there are many important topics on which boards are increasingly providing oversight. With new and evolving issues, here’s what boards should know about stakeholder expectations and how to provide effective oversight.

Reexamining Hiring Pay Practices

As competition for talent intensifies, companies may need to rethink executive recruitment packages.