A Wrong Poison Pill

Delaware Court invalidates Williams’ Poison Pill and finds that Williams’ board has breached its fiduciary duties.

Why D&I Will Be A Critical Part Of Your ESG Reporting

With proxy season approaching, companies need to get a handle on their ESG reporting, and more specifically, the D&I component, which will be under a sharp microscope. Three leading practices to get it right.

Stakeholder Capitalism’s Forgotten Stakeholder

If boards really want to make progress on ESG issues—not just for their companies but, for society—they need to remember they can’t do it alone.

Boardroom Confidence In Economy Surges In February

Vaccines, consumer behavior and pent-up demand fuel optimism in America’s boardrooms.

Corporate Board Member Institute

The leading continuing education program for public company boards.

Congress Pushes Board Diversity Law—More Pressure For Directors To Comply

The latest effort from Congress is not assured of becoming law, but it does show which ways the winds are blowing.

The Great Reshuffling

How Covid changes everything about where America does business. And doesn't.

Become A Cybersecurity-Savvy Director In 6 Steps

Board members don’t need to become IT experts to carry out their oversight responsibilities in cybersecurity. They need to ask the right questions.

Succeeding At CEO Succession

Choosing a new leader is often the single most important decision a board will make, yet between a quarter and a third of companies don’t have a succession plan in place—and even those who do often get it wrong.



Bank’s Net-Zero-Emissions Financing Pledge May Impact Board Climate Change Strategy

Forward thinking boards view climate change as an opportunity to reposition their business to capitalize on a coming trend. And shareholders aren't letting go of it any time soon.

Up Your Digital Game

Lessons for traditional companies from their born-digital peers.

A Director’s Guide To Measuring Innovation For Resilience And Sustainable Performance

For most boards, meaningful innovation measurement requires a balance between activity- and outcome-based metrics. Focus on these five categories.

Attack of the SPACs

What directors need to know about this fast-track path to going public.

Call for Nominations

Director Fundamentals

A comprehensive guide & training course on the role of the public company director.