Despite Workforce Challenges, CHROs Very Optimistic About Year Ahead, New Poll Finds

Despite concerns over talent shortages, employee morale and growing burnout rates, America’s HR chiefs remain confident about prospects for business and the economy—more so than CEOs and CFOs.  

The CEO You Need For The 21st Century

Authenticity, long-range vision and humility are but a few of the characteristics boards should be looking for to lead their companies.

SEC’s Elad Roisman: 5 Ideas To Get A Grip On ESG Compliance Costs

Roisman tells directors that SEC should “consider tailoring new rules to mitigate costs” before embarking on a widely-anticipated wave of ESG rulemaking.

Preempt The Coming Wave Of Talent Poaching

It's about to get uglier in the war for talent. Follow these four steps to get ready—so you're not on the losing side of the battle.

BlackRock’s Cameron On The Board As Competitive Advantage

To promote that necessary board evolution, Cameron recommends placing emphasis on the following areas.

Corporate Board Member Institute

The leading continuing education program for public company boards.

2021: The Year Of Climate Governance

With stakeholders more vigilant than ever, It is not an option to adopt a 'wait and see' approach when it comes to sustainability and climate change.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Running A Hybrid Workforce In A Post-Pandemic World

A CEO who led his employee base through a sudden shift to remote work offers lessons learned about successfully creating a hybrid workforce.

Climate Strategy Gains Importance As Exxon Loses Board Seats

If directors on other company boards do not want to suffer the same fate, they should consider the following now.

A Year After George Floyd, What Have Business Leaders Learned?

What have the most effective CEOs done to create racial equity in their workplaces? Harvard's Robert Livingston shares insights from his work at some of the nation's top companies.

How To Prevent Outgoing CEOs From Sabotaging Their Successors

Gradual transitions where the predecessor serves as a wise elder statesperson and mentor are not impossible—and boards can help by encouraging these Ambassadorial CEOs to follow three key rules.



Quantifying The Cost Of A Cybersecurity Threat

From lost business to employee morale, the impact of a network breach can hit companies on multiple fronts. Takeaways from a recent director roundtable discussion on how to gauge—and prepare for—the potential hit.

Study: Covid Impact On Executive Compensation

The most common expected change is to widen the ranges for financial targets between threshold, target and maximum, a study finds.

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Director Fundamentals

A comprehensive guide & training course on the role of the public company director.