Corporate Board Member conducts survey-based research throughout the year to gather firsthand accounts from public company board members on shifting boardroom strategy discussions and processes. We also offer a timely look into boardroom sentiment with our Director Confidence Index, a monthly flash poll of board members on the economy and top-of-mind issues.


What Directors Think

Every year, Corporate Board Member surveys U.S. public company board members to take their pulse on the issues that are most prominent in the boardroom for the year to come and the strategies companies are implementing to overcome the biggest challenges ahead. 

New Dynamic Format

Turnover at the Top: How Boards Prepare

Talent—attracting it and keeping it—remains a significant organizational challenge, and the situation isn’t any better at the top. With high C-suite turnover expected in upcoming years, Corporate Board Member partnered with Farient Advisors to survey U.S. public company board members on how they are adapting their succession planning and retention strategies to mitigate the growing risks.

How Today's Boards are Transforming for Tomorrow

Boards find themselves operating in an era of near-perpetual volatility and uncertainty. Waves of change have swept boardrooms in the past, but usually in the aftermath of major corporate crises and new regulatory requirements. This time, however, is different. As boards face new pressures and new tasks, many are taking a more proactive approach to change the way they get work done.

The Race to Digitalization

Despite the recent onrush to ChatGPT, most U.S. public companies are conducting digitalization at
a cautious pace. A survey of nearly 200 public company directors, conducted by Corporate Board Member in partnership with RSM US LLP, found 56% reported their companies were “pacing along” on their digital transformation journey—not ahead of peers, but not lagging either.

Navigating the Current Talent Environment

Market volatility, the war for talent, inflation pressures and the increasing focus on ESG issues have led compensation committees to reevaluate the effectiveness of their executive compensation programs in the current environment.


Turnover at the Top: Are Boards Ready?

Turnover risk among senior leadership teams is a top concern in boardrooms, according to Corporate
Board Member’s latest director survey, conducted in partnership with governance consultancy Farient. We asked directors what worries them most—and what they’re doing about it. Some insights.

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Refocusing The Board Agenda

Mounting risks and heightened scrutiny have boards adapting—and sometimes scrapping—traditional processes to comply with new, increasing demands, according to a survey of more than 250 board members by Corporate Board Member and EY Americas Center for Board Matters. Some insights.

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