Strategy & Risk Oversight

Twitter, Facebook Show Impact Ethics Has on Data Governance Policy

Corporate boards may need to add more ethical considerations to their data governance policies. Recent public announcements regarding the promotion of false and misleading information by Twitter and Facebook demonstrate the type of policy...

Dealing with Disruption

Companies that can’t find a way to reinvent themselves in this digital era risk losing ground quickly and, ultimately, face obsolescence. The smorgasbord of advanced technology that enables digital transformation can easily overwhelm those...

Boeing’s Woes Highlight Why Directors Must Ask Tougher Questions

The board of the Boeing Company will likely need a strategic crisis management plan to restore its reputation in the wake of the 737 Max catastrophe. While the board has announced several internal changes...

Implications of AI on Board Oversight

The number of public companies disclosing artificial intelligence (“AI”) as a material risk factor in their SEC filings has grown exponentially from virtually none in 2016 to more than 80 this year alone. Multinational conglomerate Alphabet, for...

Do Dual-Class Shares Improve Company Performance? That’s Hard To Say, ISS Study Finds

Some of the most prominent companies of our era use them, from Facebook and Alphabet to Berkshire Hathaway. So did seven of the 10 biggest IPOs this year, including Lyft, Pinterest and Levi Strauss. They’re...

Why Boards Must Align Sustainability Issues With Long-Term Strategy

Many boards are still trying to reconcile the relationship between sustainability, strategy, and shareholder value, which can vary significantly from one organization to the next.

Board Leadership Program

The leading continuing education program for public company boards.

How To Onboard A New Director

Boards must be prepared to onboard new directors and facilitate a process that allows them to hit the ground running.

Guide To Board Assessments

Engaging a useful, annual self-assessment is fundamental to governance excellence. Stakeholders expect it, and disclosure of it evidences a board’s effectiveness and commitment to its role.

Committee Briefings: Top Considerations for 2019

Investor expectations, new disclosure requirements, ESG, current and future trends–your committee agendas are filling up.