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To Win In 2022, Remember The Stockdale Paradox

The concept, coined by author Jim Collins in his bestselling classic Good to Great, is an essential tool for our current moment.

Boards Say Climate Change Is Important, But Don’t Prioritize Measuring Progress

Nearly three-quarters of all boards say they don’t prioritize climate change in their executive performance metrics.

The Game Of Risk That Will Make Or Break Your Company

The stakes are higher than ever, but there is also enormous opportunity and potential upside if you play the game right.

Saks, Kohl’s Spinoff Rumors Bringing Attention To Board Ecommerce Strategy

As the prevalence of online shopping continues to increase, shareholders will be paying a lot more attention to the company's online engagement with consumers. Boards should consider these three questions.

Inflation? Here’s How To Get Smarter On Pricing Strategy

In today’s inflationary times, management needs to learn—or re-learn—the necessity to boost prices and the power that can be inherent in doing so.

Investors Are Demanding Sustainability—Is Your Board Ready?

Directors must make sure management is walking the talk on sustainability. Four questions to ask right now.

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Director Optimism Declines For 7th Consecutive Month

After peaking in April, board members’ outlook for the future of business slipped further in November, driven by renewed Covid fears, inflation and a tight labor market.