American College of Corporate Directors

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Since 2004, the American College of Corporate Directors (ACCD) has unified a community of executives who possess a passion for public company board service and expanding their director education to meet a shared goal: Strengthening board leadership skills to responsibly and ethically represent stakeholders.

Since then, the ACCD has grown to serve over 2,000 executives and has built a reputation as the premier educational and credentialing organization within the board community. Its mission is to provide directors with the highest standard of instruction, theory and practice surrounding the important, complex, and timely issues facing public companies today.

In March 2021, the American College of Corporate Directors merged with Corporate Board Member (a Chief Executive Group community). Through a shared heritage of independent thinking and passion for business, the combined organizations offer directors even greater opportunities for unparalleled learning, networking and certification options.



Art Buckland
William W Crouch Gen (ret)
William K. Dabaghi
Richard B. DeWolfe
Al Glowasky
Patrick Michael Gray
Thomas S Grilk
Raymond C. Kubacki
Earl Lewis
Michael K Lorelli
Joseph R. Martin
Thomas E. Moloney
John F. O’Brien
J. Steven Roush CPA
Ralph S. Sheridan
Bruce A. Stevens
Walter S. Tomenson Jr.
Richard William Wilcox Jr
Alfred Woollacott III
Mark Wrighton
Carl M. Youngman


William Craine
Kathy Cuocolo – Gold
Robyn Davis – Silver
Teresa DeLuca
Meg Divitto 
Stephen Dukes – Platinum
Chris Elshaw
Karen Golz
Michael Jeans – Platinum
Rick Keister – Silver
Angus Macdonald
Michael McAdoo
Deborah H. McAneny – Silver
John Mendel
Brad Oates
William Popeleski
Peggy Scott
Lenore Sullivan – SilverWilliam Alvarez
Jeb Burns
Laura Ferrante
Eric Hoerner
Dan Konzen
Elaine Leavenworth
Jonathan Leff
Clifford Locks
Lisa Mullan
Gregory Quinlan
David Radlo – Silver
Rod Shipman
Derek Smith – Platinum
Yoshihiro Suzuki     
Roberta Sydney – Silver
Mary Temm
Charlotte Walker – Silver
Nykia Wright


William Alvarez
Jeb Burns
Laura Ferrante
Eric Hoerner
Dan Konzen
Elaine Leavenworth
Jonathan Leff
Clifford Locks
Lisa Mullan
Gregory Quinlan
David Radlo – Silver
Rod Shipman
Derek Smith – Platinum
Mary Temm
Charlotte Walker – Silver
Nykia Wright


David Patterson
Robert Restrepo


Catherine Gill
Sherrin Ingram
Katie Lawler
Arlene Rockefeller

Sonja Strzoda


Frank Acito
Rod Aday
Susan Ball
Matthew Braun
Joseph Braun
Audrey Conceicao Stitz
Ahpaly Coradin
Gustavo Cotta
Larry Dicke
Kimberly Dickens
Kris Drake
Patrick Garcia
Diane Gardner
Omuso George
Bill Ghitis
Fabian Gonzalez
Robert Greene
Johnnie Johnson
Ronald Jolly
Lynda Kahari
Mike Kelly
Ann LaFrance
Charlene Lake
Alejandro Lorenzo
Chris Mangum
Thomas McKinney
Raymond Millien
Nygina Mills
James Moore
Grace Mullings
Eric Myers
Julian Ortiz
Prasad Padman
Stephanos Papadopoulos
Cristiana Salgado-Braga
David Sharpe
Dean Shigenaga
Nerur Shivkumar
John Storm
Reina Tanase
Nicole Torraco
Patricia Wallace
Mark Wagner
Fletcher Washington
Dan Wetzel

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