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Corporate Board Member’s research initiatives drive conversation within today’s corporate boardrooms. Through direct input from directors and the C-Suite, we strive to continuously bring fresh insights and best practices to the corporate governance community.

If you serve on a public company board, join our research panel today to get exclusive, early-release reports on the most topical issues in the boardroom, customized benchmarking data, deeply discounted access to our events, and a one-year subscription to Corporate Board Member magazine.

The process is simple: As a member of Corporate Board Member’s research panel, you are rewarded for your participation in our surveys. This is our way of ensuring that the insights we bring you remain current and pertinent to board members’ evolving needs and concerns. Once you have completed five eligible* surveys during a calendar year, you will be awarded a discount code for all Corporate Board Member events the following year, a one-year subscription to Corporate Board Member magazine, and unique benchmarking reports of the survey results by industry and company size.

By joining our efforts to provide public company boards of directors with rich data designed to address compliance, accountability, and risk oversight through industry benchmarking, you further enhance the quality of oversight across the nation and help build strategies for success.

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Unfortunately, Corporate Board Member’s Research Panel is intended for directors of publicly traded companies. If you sit on the board of an exchange-traded organization, please select “yes” above and register under that company name. Thank you.

If you have questions, please reach out to Melanie Nolen, Research Editor.


*The State of Governance, America’s Best Corporate Law Firms and our 24-hour news polls are excluded from the count.