Get Rewarded For Your Insights

Corporate Board Member regularly conducts surveys on various governance issues that are top of mind for public company boards. Through direct input from directors and the C-Suite, we strive to continuously bring fresh insights and best practices to the corporate governance community.

That is why we’ve created the Corporate Board Member Research Panel—a group of hundreds of public company board members who, for a few minutes of their time completing our surveys, earn points redeemable toward any product or service we offer, including discounts to events, magazine subscriptions or membership dues to the Corporate Board Member Institute.

Each survey can earn you between 5 and 20 points, depending on the length of the survey. For instance, our monthly Director Confidence Index poll—which has a very limited number of questions and takes approximately 2 minutes to complete—earns you 5 reward points. In contrast, our annual What Directors Think survey conducted each fall on the full breadth of issues under the governance purview, earns you 20 points. The points are cumulative and can be redeemed starting with a balance of 40, as per the scale below.

40 points: $100 voucher
50 points: $150 voucher
60 points: $200 voucher
70 points: $300 voucher

Simply complete the form below to sign up. If you have questions, please reach out to our Research team at

Disclaimer: Points redeemed cannot be combined with any other offers.

    Unfortunately, Corporate Board Member’s Research Panel is intended for directors of publicly traded companies. If you sit on the board of an exchange-traded organization, please select “yes” above and register under that company name. Thank you.