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Since 1998, directors have relied on Corporate Board Member to help them improve their contributions as individual directors and as boards, and in turn, strengthen stakeholder trust in the organizations they represent. The goal of Corporate Board Member Network is to connect the unique community of corporate directors to each other and to expert advisors through peer-to-peer networking and a suite of best-in-class educational programs, tools and resources.

Join our community of directors and executives to access these exclusive opportunities, enhancing your leadership skills and enabling you to make more informed decisions to help your organization(s) thrive and grow.

How are you preparing yourself to be a more effective director?

Profit from the experience of other directors. Join CBM Network to:

Avoid mistakes by learning from your peers’ experiences

Lead more confidently through disruption and uncertainty

Maximize and save time when making challenging decisions

Identify and concentrate on initiatives that can have the greatest impact



Share experiences and network with peers and other corporate governance leaders.
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Build relationships with peers in smaller group settings online to tackle common board challenges.
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Access fundamental board training courses, webinars and videos on demand.
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Obtain best practices based on director-driven research on core board oversight issues.
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Read the leading publication for public company directors and boards, representing the voice of the board community since 1998.
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Foster meaningful connections and deep relationship-building through in-person and virtual peer exchanges.


Pioneer collaborative and innovative director education initiatives tailored to every director’s level of experience to encourage continuous learning regardless of experience.


Nurture a director community dedicated to the highest standard of ethics and governance to set the tone at the top of America’s corporations.


Inform and develop corporate directors through best-in-class events, training and content incorporating expert advice and peer perspectives that provide actionable insights and boardroom best practices.


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Individual & Full Board Memberships
  • This all-inclusive membership offers everything you need to ask great questions on rapidly-changing topics, make informed decisions, raise your profile, connect with new board opportunities and drive the success of your organization. Join a dynamic community of board members and tap into a world of peer networking opportunities, best-in-class events, rich educational tools and credentialing programs, insightful research, expert advice and much more.


Individual & Full Board Memberships
  • This slimmed-down membership offers opportunities to enhance your leadership skills, hone your knowledge and expand your network through access to exclusive peer group events and thought leadership resources, as well as discounts on best-in-class events, online training courses and credentialing programs.

Director Fundamentals Program

Are you a new director, or an executive looking to serve on your first board? If you've joined a public company board in the last 12 months or you are an executive with no public company boardroom experience looking for director opportunities, our 3-month Director Fundamentals Program will help prepare you for board service, as well as provide you with the tools and resources to connect with prospective boards and showcase your boardroom competencies.


Stand out from other Executives by Earning Professional Director Credentials

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In the spring of 2021, Corporate Board Member merged with the American College of Corporate Directors™ (ACCD). The merger provides professional director credential options to public company directors looking to demonstrate their commitment to continuing education. A certification from ACCD is an important credential for board leadership, and a useful tool for members interested in acquiring additional board seats. Credits are earned through a variety of Corporate Board Member and ACCD online and in-person events and programming.