Navigating The Evolving ESG Disclosure Landscape

As momentum builds for disclosure, boards and management should consider the following practices to minimize legal risk and fully leverage the benefits a successful ESG strategy can unlock.

Codifying Culture For Operational Consistency

If you think of culture as intangible or "squishy," you should probably think again. Institutionalizing culture is the only way to ensure everyone is rowing in the same direction.

Report: Boards Typically Updated On Cybersecurity Only After An Incident

If management executives, the board and the IT teams aren’t sharing the same information, it will be nearly impossible for companies to stay ahead of fast-evolving cyber threats.

Mending The Disconnect Between Executives And Their Boards

Survey findings paint a picture for how boards and executive teams can align and work better together moving forward.

The Risk Of A Pandemic Isn’t Going Away. What Has Your Board Learned?

The Covid outbreak forced companies to address employee health and safety like never before. Now boards have to ensure management is embedding those protocols, so we're ready for the next one.

Corporate Board Member Institute

The leading continuing education program for public company boards.

Webcast: Winning Your Say-on-Pay Vote in 2022

Emerging themes from the 2021 Say on Pay and proxy voting season suggest a fundamental shift in shareholder and proxy advisor perspectives on compensation.

Get Beyond ‘Trendy’: 6 Questions To Ask About ESG Metrics In Executive Comp

Before companies add ESG measures to their executive compensation programs, they might consider where all of this is leading.

New Report: How Boards Are Tackling Workforce-Related Risks

A recent survey of more than 225 public company board members highlights the latest board practices on workforce-related risk oversight—and opportunities for improvement.

Director Confidence Falls To New Low In October

Corporate Board Member’s October reading of director sentiment shows continued decline in optimism among U.S. public company board members. More now expect business conditions to deteriorate over the coming year.

How To Measure Your Culture

There are plenty of metrics available to help you gauge how your people are doing. Here are the four that matter.

Board Diversity Disclosures Increase, But Diversity Overall Needs Improvement

Female directors have begun to make inroads in boardrooms, but racial and ethnic diversity remains a challenge.



The Next Threat To M&A: Employee Activism

Employees have mobilized to prove that they can create real change and influence corporate decision making at the highest levels.

Changes Are Coming To Board Oversight Of ESG, HCM And DEI. Is Your Board Ready?

From climate change to workplace diversity, here’s what boards should know about stakeholder expectations and how to provide effective oversight.