Board Effectiveness

J&J Lead Director Anne Mulcahy: ‘It Was A Moment Of Truth’

When Covid struck, J&J not only marshaled its considerable resources to develop a vaccine but pledged to do it on a nonprofit basis—with the full support of its board.

How To Be A Great Committee Chair

Like orchestra conductors, Committee Chairs own the full score—and their job is to bring out the best in their team without ever losing sight of the common goal.

How To Deal With A Bad Board Member

Bad board members do crop up. The reasons why may be obvious—or they may creep up more subtly over time. Here's how to handle them.

Getting Cybersecurity Oversight Right

It’s complicated, overwhelming and seemingly impossible, but directors can play a critical role in staving off and recovering from cyber events. Here’s how.

Henry Ford III Seeks ‘External Viewpoints’ To Help Ford’s Board

The Ford scion is leaving his corporate post to help the board better govern. For other directors seeking to improve their boards, some concrete steps.

BlackRock’s Cameron On The Board As Competitive Advantage

To promote that necessary board evolution, Cameron recommends placing emphasis on the following areas.

Corporate Board Member Institute

The leading continuing education program for public company boards.

Director Confidence In Economy Slides In September As Covid, Washington Fuel...

New data collected by Corporate Board Member and Diligent Institute shows optimism among public-company director at its lowest level in a year.