Board Effectiveness

Six Tips For Improving Diversity In The Boardroom

California's law sparked a nationwide conversation on whether or not forcing quotas in the boardroom is a way to solve the lack of diversity on boards. But quotas or not, here are six ways for boards to improve diversity.

The Biggest Benefits Of Having A Strong Brand

Most enterprises think of their brand as their outward-facing image to their customers, but a strong brand exerts substantial internal influence.
inefficient processes

How To Stop Inefficiency From Sinking Your Business

"It works well enough for now," should never be an excuse for remaining with inefficient processes. Adaptable companies take more risks and spend more time innovating than those who content themselves with subpar processes — but they also tend to survive longer.

Is Your Corporate Culture Leaving Money On The Table?

Thriving in the digital era demands a corporate culture that values innovation and collaboration. The best leaders recognize that talented, inspired people are their company’s main engine for success.

What Boards Should Know About Cryptocurrency & The Token Economy

PwC’s Grainne McNamara discusses what directors should know about cryptocurrency, a well-known application of blockchain technology.

The Five Pitfalls Of Board Assessments

Done well, an annual assessment is one of the most powerful tools a board has to set its own stage for doing outstanding work. To get the most out of your assessment, here are five pitfalls to avoid.

How To Onboard A New Director

Boards must be prepared to onboard new directors and facilitate a process that allows them to hit the ground running.

Board Under Siege: What Wells Fargo Did Right (And Wrong)

The real test for good governance occurs in the wake of a crisis.

Shareholder Engagement: A Balancing Act

Board members share whether their oversight responsibilities should mandate regular communication with shareholders.