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NEW RESEARCH: Enhancing ESG Oversight In The Boardroom

New survey of public company board members reveals opportunities and considerations for improving ESG oversight and meeting stakeholder expectations.

‘Prepare For A Covid-Present Future’

One of Hollywood’s most respected executives also has a deep background in public health, making him a Covid-info clearinghouse for CEOs. His best advice now? “Move your thinking from pandemic to endemic.”

Successful Transformation Demands A Hands-On Board

No matter how gifted the CEO and the leadership team, strategic transformation needs the board’s full attention. When boards play an active role instead of confining themselves to oversight, the chances of success go up.

Tying Diversity Metrics To Exec Pay—A Governance ‘Best Practice’?

Almost a quarter of businesses are tying diversity goals to executive pay. Exploring how this approach might help improve a company’s diversity efforts could lead to significant benefits for all stakeholders.

How To Ride The 4th Industrial Revolution

Covid just accelerated a trend that was already in full force before the pandemic. Now the question for boards and management is, can we find the long-term opportunity?

Four Opportunities For Enhancing ESG Oversight

A Corporate Board Member survey of nearly 400 public company board members—conducted with the EY Center for Board Matters—reveals four potential opportunities for boards to enhance their ESG oversight, as investor, employee and consumer pressures heighten.

Corporate Board Member Institute

The leading continuing education program for public company boards.

Director Optimism Hits New Low In September

Corporate Board Member’s September reading of director sentiment shows optimism waning, as companies continue to grapple with unresolved challenges and lingering uncertainties.