CEO Succession

How Covid Changed Executive Recruiting

High turnover is expected post-Covid, and hiring for the C-suite is not what it used to be. Boards and management should be prepared.

The Surprising Power Of Gratitude

As the nation moves out of the pandemic nightmare, Chester Elton, author of Leading With Gratitude says the habit of saying ‘thank you’ has become the most essential leadership skill today.

The CEO You Need For The 21st Century

Authenticity, long-range vision and humility are but a few of the characteristics boards should be looking for to lead their companies.

How To Prevent Outgoing CEOs From Sabotaging Their Successors

Gradual transitions where the predecessor serves as a wise elder statesperson and mentor are not impossible—and boards can help by encouraging these Ambassadorial CEOs to follow three key rules.

Is Your CEO The Right CEO?

The biggest risk—and opportunity—in your business today? Your leadership. The right person at the wheel will nail exponential growth and win in a digital age. The wrong one? You’re a goner. A frank guide to who you need—now.

Succession And The C-Suite

Used properly, retention grants for senior executives can be an effective transition tactic.

Corporate Board Member Institute

The leading continuing education program for public company boards.

Directors’ Outlook For Economy Dims To Pre-Vaccine Levels On Inflation Fears

Our gauge of U.S. public company board member confidence is now just 3 percent above where it was last fall, before Covid-19 vaccines were released.