Corporate Board Member conducts survey-based research throughout the year to gather firsthand accounts from public company board members on shifting boardroom strategy discussions and processes. We also offer a timely look into boardroom sentiment with our Director Confidence Index, a monthly flash poll of board members on the economy and top-of-mind issues.


What Directors Think

Every year, Corporate Board Member surveys U.S. public company board members to take their pulse on the issues that are most prominent in the boardroom for the year to come and the strategies companies are implementing to overcome the biggest challenges ahead. 

What Makes a Great Board: A Look Inside the Boardrooms of America

What makes a great board? To answer that question, RHR International and Corporate Board Member partnered to survey more than 400 directors at U.S. public companies in December 2023 and January 2024 and compared the answers from those at top-performing companies against the rest of the group.

Future Proofing Your Workforce

Following a multiyear global healthcare crisis that pushed medical professionals to their limits, heavy turnover and a talent pipeline shortage continue to plague healthcare organizations, large and small. At a recent roundtable co-sponsored by Chief Executive and Pearl Meyer, industry executives discussed the best way to develop that strategy.

Competing on Compensation as a Private Company

Compared with their public company peers, private company CEOs enjoy far greater flexibility in executive compensation program design. At the same time, freedom from restrictive regulations and disclosure requirements comes with a flip side: lack of access to the power of publicly traded equity-based pay as a recruitment and retention tool.

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Turnover at the Top: How Boards Prepare

Talent—attracting it and keeping it—remains a significant organizational challenge, and the situation isn’t any better at the top. With high C-suite turnover expected in upcoming years, Corporate Board Member partnered with Farient Advisors to survey U.S. public company board members on how they are adapting their succession planning and retention strategies to mitigate the growing risks.