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Premium access and discounts to Corporate Board Member events and resources

This membership is ideal for directors who value engaging live with other directors and governance experts. You want access to a variety of high-quality, focused programs, both in-person and online, at the best value for maximizing your board education and networking opportunities.  

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Annual Membership
$ 1,295 Per Year

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Become a CBM Network member and save at least 40% on your meeting registration!

Elevate your leadership game and drive meaningful change with CBM Network. As a member, you’ll have the tools you need to ask great questions on rapidly changing topics, make informed decisions, raise your profile, connect with new board opportunities and drive the success of your organization.

Save 40% on Boardroom Summit registration with a network-level membership or attend free at the council level. You’ll also receive discounts or free access to other top-notch events, training courses and credentialing programs – so you stay ahead of the curve.

More than that, you’ll join a dynamic community of board members and have expert advice, peer networking opportunities and educational tools at your fingertips. Don’t miss out on these incredible savings and opportunities – join the CBM Network today during your registration.