A 3-month Training Program for New Public Company Board Members


Develop critical skills and knowledge that will empower you to make a significant and immediate difference in the boardroom.


Learn at your own pace, and in any location. Our online modules make learning flexible to fit your busy schedule.


Share challenges and best practices with other board members, and access exclusive research based on surveys of today’s public company directors.


Show your commitment to corporate governance with the American College of Corporate Directors' Director Qualified Certification.








3 months


8-10 hrs per month


As the leading source for education and continuous advancement for public company directors, the goal of Corporate Board Member Network is to provide corporate leaders with the resources they need to make an impact in the boardroom and beyond. As a new public company board member, building a foundational understanding of the unique oversight responsibilities and challenges U.S. public company boards face is critical in order to develop immediate trust with your fellow board members—and all your stakeholders. It is imperative that you be able to add value in the boardroom from day one.

Corporate Board Member Network has curated a set of resources and training to assist individuals in developing an understanding of the requirements of public company board service. Participants can follow our recommended learning path or review resources at their own pace. During the 3-month program, participants will be invited to bi-monthly virtual roundtables with fellow participants and select veteran directors to ask them your biggest questions about board service. In addition, you will have the opportunity to attend one virtual half-day “Director Fundamentals Workshop” for a deep dive into the core duties of public company directors and key priorities for investors and regulators in the year ahead. Upon program completion, new directors in the program will receive the Professional Director credential from the American College of Corporate Directors (ACCD), which is renewable each year by earning continuing education credits.


Professional Director Credential

Since 2008, the American College of Corporate Directors credentials have represented the “gold standard” in corporate director education, and those executives who earn them are highly valued in the board community. The "Professional Director" credential can be earned by first-time public company directors completing the Director Fundamentals Program. Credentials are renewed annually by attending continuing education events hosted by Corporate Board Member and select partners.

By Completing this program, YOU WILL GAIN:

What you will receive upon program completion:

Who is the program for?

This program is for new public company board members.

What is required for completion?

Online Training Courses

The self-study program includes four online training courses that must be completed.

  • Courses typically take 30 to 60 minutes to complete
  • Each activity is a simulated situation that a director could encounter in the boardroom, creating the opportunity for the user to apply concepts learned to real boardroom issues

At the end of each training course, a certificate of completion becomes available for download. Participants will present their certificates as proof of completion prior to being issued the Professional Director Credential.

Event Attendance

Attendance is required at one Director Fundamentals Program Workshop and one Ask-The-Veteran-Director Roundtable to complete the program.

Learning Path

Gain a thorough understanding of board roles and responsibilities, along with insights around current challenges and opportunities from veteran directors and industry experts.

Key Insights Learned:

  • Director duties and oversight responsibilities
  • Board structure and operations
  • Compliance and liabilities for boards
  • Boards and shareholder engagement
  • Disclosures and reporting
  • Understanding and navigating today’s risks
  • Director onboarding best practices


Module features the Director Fundamentals training course & guide, reports and a webinar recording.

Understand the relationship between the board + shareholders and regulators, in addition to oversight expectations to meet legal responsibilities and help your companies prosper.

Key Insights Learned:

  • Stakeholders’ short and long-term expectations
  • The role of regulators in your ESG conversations
  • Roadmap to approaching ESG in the boardroom
  • How to properly communicate ESG initiatives
  • ISS expectations for cybersecurity


Module features reports and event session video recordings.

Boards are tasked with issues that are highly complex and always evolving — learn how to build a competent board, be proactive in the onboarding stages and assess board performance to build stakeholder trust.

Key Insights Learned:

  • Responsibilities of the Nominating/Governance Committee
  • Overview of board and committee composition
  • Oversight of board function and evaluations
  • CEO and board succession planning
  • Best practices for onboarding new committee members
  • Overview of the board assessment process and disclosures
  • The board’s role in change management


Module features the Nominating/Governance Committee training course & guide and reports.

Discover how you and your board should effectively integrate human capital and executive pay strategies into your overarching plans to create long-term value, and how to properly communicate these delicate decisions to different stakeholders.

Key Insights Learned:

  • Compensation committee responsibilities and operations
  • The relationship between comp committees and HR
  • Developing peer groups for your executive pay program
  • Trends in director pay
  • Shareholder engagement around human capital
  • Director insights on the role in overseeing human capital
  • How governance of human capital and talent is shifting


Module features the Compensation Committee training course & guide, reports and event session video recordings.

There is no shortage of risks to scare directors. Build resilience by gaining a concrete understanding of potential risks, and how to properly prepare for and manage new or existing threats.

Key Insights Learned:

  • Audit committee responsibilities and operations
  • Oversight of financial reporting for audit committees
  • Oversight of internal and external auditors
  • Response readiness and preparing for a crisis
  • Director insights on digital transformation
  • CISOs advice on security measures boards should address
  • Technologies reshaping today’s businesses


Module features the Audit Committee Fundamentals training course & guide, reports and event session video recordings.


Corporate Board Member Network will host a virtual Director Fundamentals workshop quarterly. Participants will have the opportunity to attend one of these workshops during the duration of their program.

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Every other month, Corporate Board Member Network will invite current program participants to join a virtual Q&A roundtable with veteran directors.

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The Director Fundamentals Program includes bonus training opportunities and content for CHROs and senior HR executives. In collaboration with Pearl Meyer, CHROs enrolled in the Director Fundamentals Program have access to a quarterly workshop focused specifically on how compensation committees are expanding their human capital oversight and evolving their processes accordingly, which creates an excellent opportunity for CHROs to be valuable contributors to boardroom discussions. Bonus content will educate you on compensation committee trends and best practices to help you best position your skills for board service opportunities.

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"This course has been eye-opening for me thus far, as I had no previous experience as a corporate board member, so this is all new to me. Honestly, it has made me aware of how much I didn't know about what it really takes to successfully provide strategic direction and manage risk for a publicly traded company, and how crucial a role the board of directors plays."
Omuso George
Retired Brigadier General
"My comfort level has exponentially increased after every segment. The scheduled workshops are a great venue for connecting all of the dots by providing opportunities to hear from experienced executives who have previously or are currently serving on boards. I am very pleased with the learning product that CEG has developed."
Johnnie Johnson
Chief Operating Officer, Renewable Energy Aggregators

Self-study Program

Unlock exclusive online resources to master the essentials of being a public company director.

Exclusive Events

Connect with other program participants and veteran directors.


Upon program completion, obtain your Professional Director certification from ACCD.

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