Through a mix of online training courses, guidebooks, recorded video sessions and research, program participants are guided through the learning path, unlocking new content modules at your own pace.











Module 1 - Director Fundamentals

Gain a thorough understanding of board roles and responsibilities, along with insights around current challenges and opportunities from veteran directors and industry experts.

Key Insights Learned:

  • Director duties and oversight responsibilities
  • Board structure and operations
  • Compliance and liabilities for boards
  • Boards and shareholder engagement
  • Disclosures and reporting
  • Understanding and navigating today’s risks
  • Director onboarding best practices

Module features the Director Fundamentals training course & guide, reports and a webinar recording.

Module 2 - Boards + Shareholders and Regulators

Understand the relationship between the board + shareholders and regulators, in addition to oversight expectations to meet legal responsibilities and help your companies prosper.

Key Insights Learned:

  • Stakeholders’ short and long-term expectations
  • The role of regulators in your ESG conversations
  • Roadmap to approaching ESG in the boardroom
  • How to properly communicate ESG initiatives
  • ISS expectations for cybersecurity

Module features reports and event session video recordings.

Module 3 - Governance Best Practices

Boards are tasked with issues that are highly complex and always evolving — learn how to build a competent board, be proactive in the onboarding stages and assess board performance to build stakeholder trust.

Key Insights Learned:

  • Responsibilities of the Nominating/Governance Committee
  • Overview of board and committee composition
  • Oversight of board function and evaluations
  • CEO and board succession planning
  • Best practices for onboarding new committee members
  • Overview of the board assessment process and disclosures
  • The board’s role in change management

Module features the Nominating/Governance Committee training course & guide and reports.

Module 4 - Human Capital Management

Discover how you and your board should effectively integrate human capital and executive pay strategies into your overarching plans to create long-term value, and how to properly communicate these delicate decisions to different stakeholders.

Key Insights Learned:

  • Compensation committee responsibilities and operations
  • The relationship between comp committees and HR
  • Developing peer groups for your executive pay program
  • Trends in director pay
  • Shareholder engagement around human capital
  • Director insights on the role in overseeing human capital
  • How governance of human capital and talent is shifting

Module features the Compensation Committee training course & guide, reports and event session video recordings.

Module 5 - Risk Oversight

There is no shortage of risks to scare directors. Build resilience by gaining a concrete understanding of potential risks, and how to properly prepare for and manage new or existing threats.

Key Insights Learned:

  • Audit committee responsibilities and operations
  • Oversight of financial reporting for audit committees
  • Oversight of internal and external auditors
  • Response readiness and preparing for a crisis
  • Director insights on digital transformation
  • CISOs advice on security measures boards should address
  • Technologies reshaping today’s businesses

Module features the Audit Committee Fundamentals training course & guide, reports and event session video recordings.

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