Finding the Right Corporate Board Seat for You

A program that offers personalized guidance, one-on-one coaching, and a practical structure and roadmap to efficiently navigate the process for finding a board position


Board service can be a satisfying and rewarding way for accomplished executives and professionals to make significant contributions to an organization. It’s also a valuable experience for C-suite executives to become more effective in interacting with their own boards.

The process of joining a board today is not intuitive. The comment we at the American College of Corporate Directors (ACCD) frequently hear from many senior executives is: “I want help in finding a corporate board seat…or another corporate board seat.” Getting that “invitation” to join is substantially different than any search for a senior executive position. Plus, there is a rapidly evolving set of expectations placed on today’s board members.

Success usually requires that you have the necessary boardroom skills and understanding of the issues and environment facing today’s boards AND your own roadmap and process to join a board that works for you.

The American College of Corporate Directors has established an affiliation with Mike Jeans – a long-time active ACCD member, experienced corporate CEO and board director, respected career coach, and former president of New Directions, Inc. (

He has a highly personalized program – “Board Ready” – specifically designed to enable you to join a corporate board. “Board Ready” is a separate, independent program that provides a valuable addition to the services offered by Corporate Board Member, and to other executives and professionals interested in board service.

“Board Ready” enables you to join a board by becoming an attractive board candidate. It provides a proven process for effectively finding the board position(s) that are right for you. The program offers highly personalized guidance, one-on-one coaching, and a practical structure and roadmap to efficiently navigate the process for finding a board position. It helps you become a viable – and attractive – director candidate.



This pragmatic program consists of five one-on-one sessions (either face-to-face or by phone) with Mike Jeans. These can be sequenced according to your schedule and your preferred pace. It covers the development of your own compelling messaging – your “board brand”, the creation of a board-focused resume, a separate board biography, and guidance for your LinkedIn profile. It also develops a personal roadmap for an effective and efficient process to enable you to join a new board. The program specifically includes:

  • Determining where your interest in board service is best focused by surfacing your strengths, interests, realities, experiences and values that can be aligned with new corporate board opportunities.
  • Help in verbally articulating the unique value you bring to a Board in a memorable way. (“Why you should invite me to join your board…”)
  • Creating a board-focused resume, a separate board biography, and structuring an appropriate LinkedIn profile. These tools will help position you as someone who is a desirable director candidate who has specific skills that are needed in the boardroom.
  • Coaching in the art of specific nuanced interviewing and networking skills that are important parts of creating the conversations that lead up to “being invited” to join a corporate board.
  • Building a plan to work with executive recruiters in a board search.
  • Developing a properly balanced strategy with specific action steps that are mapped out through these one-on-one discussions.
  • Using an effective and efficient approach to your due-diligence when making a decision on offers for directorship roles that you receive.
  • Providing relevant current information to make you knowledgeable and conversant in a range of timely board topics. This builds the type of mature and informed perspective that will separate you from the other candidates and helps you create a knowledgeable dialog around today’s board governance issues.


Topics include:

  • Types of Boards and why their differences should matter to you: public, private, early stage, mutual funds, advisory boards, etc.
  • The sometimes-blurry line between governance responsibilities of boards versus the operational responsibilities of management.’
  • Director compensation, trends, structure and what you should expect to be paid.
  • What companies look for in Director candidates (who’s in demand today?) including issues around women and minorities on boards, board diversity, board balance, and board refreshment.
  • Being an effective Director – how to conduct yourself as a director with focus on: strategy, leadership, consensus-building, succession planning, finance, risk management, etc.
  • Liability and risks: financial, time, reputation (and the keys to good D&O insurance coverage)



The program has two goals: (1) to get you invited to join the right corporate board with a reasonable amount of time and effort on your part, and (2) to provide you with exposure to a carefully assembled array of timely information that will make you a more effective director on your current board(s) or on any future boards you join. Upon completion of this program, if you are pursuing a “Director Qualified” certification from the American College of Corporate Directors (ACCD), you will receive credit for the 3-hour virtual fundamentals workshop that is required for this certification. The full cost of the “Board Ready” program is $5,000 for ACCD credential holders. If you are currently a director, this program may be reimbursable to you by your current board as an on-going director education expense.

Alternatively, should you decide not participate in the above program, you may choose to have a board-focused resume, a separate board biography prepared as well as guidance in adapting your LinkedIn profile. This prepares you in developing your personal brand so that you can position yourself as a desirable director candidate with skills needed in a boardroom. The cost of this option is $1,600.

For more information, contact Mike Jeans at