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Sandra E. Peterson

Courage In The Boardroom: Microsoft Lead Director Sandi Peterson

The attack on Ukraine started long before Russian forces set foot on Ukrainian soil, with nation-state actors reaching through cyberspace to stalk its infrastructure. Fortunately, the country had a powerful ally in Microsoft, whose efforts to defend the country led our selection committee to honor them with CBM’s 2023 Courage in the Boardroom award. Lead director Sandi Peterson shares a boardroom perspective on the tech company’s role in fending off the threat of cyber weapon deployment and on other challenging issues faced by today’s boards.

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Fred Reichheld’s Measure Of Love

The most effective strategy in business is getting short shrift in the boardroom, says best-selling author Fred Reichheld, the father of the Net Promoter Score. To truly compete—and build a company with lasting value—directors must refocus attention on the one person that drives everything else: the customer. Here’s how.

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