Research: Boards Share Their Digital Plans And Strategies For The Post-Covid Era

A recent survey of corporate board members looks at public companies’ digital strategies and how they’re planning for the new environment. Hint: It’s all about the customer.

Should Boards Consider Developing A Bitcoin Strategy?

As more financial institutions agree to accept and settle transactions with crypto currencies, companies will need to evaluate their strategies—and be prepared to defend them to shareholders.

Disrupting Disruption

In a survey of 188 public company directors, Corporate Board Member and RSM sought to find out where companies were heading and how they were surmounting some of the roadblocks 2020 threw their way. Here are key takeaways.

Advice From Google On How Your Board Can Help With Digital Transformation

The companies that evolve to become digital leaders while simultaneously increasing cash flow, minimizing risk to their business model, and delighting customers prioritize three things.

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Up Your Digital Game

Lessons for traditional companies from their born-digital peers.

Corporate Board Member Institute

The leading continuing education program for public company boards.

Directors’ Outlook For Economy Dims To Pre-Vaccine Levels On Inflation Fears

Our gauge of U.S. public company board member confidence is now just 3 percent above where it was last fall, before Covid-19 vaccines were released.