disruptive tech summit


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

In the wake of the pandemic, automation and digital transformation efforts are accelerating dramatically. Robots don’t get sick, autonomous delivery vehicles don’t carry disease, digital channels scale better than physical ones, and digital businesses are more resilient to change. The dramatic increase in the use of tele-health, remote education, online collaboration, and e-commerce illustrate this digital acceleration. Every company will become a technology company, and every company will become a data company. But how? Futurist Steve Brown will help you understand the major technologies changing the way every company operates so you can embrace innovation, build resilience and navigate inevitable changes.

Featured Speaker:

  • Steve Brown, Former Chief Evangelist, Intel; Author, The Innovation Ultimatum – How six strategic technologies will reshape every business in the 2020s

How do the best companies take a consistent approach to innovation and create a culture that supports self-disruption? How can companies spark new growth with production innovation in today’s dynamic market landscape? How can you rethink how you run your business? We’ll sit down with the CEO and Chairman of a leading technology company and seasoned, cross-industry board member to share their hard lessons learned.

Featured Speakers:

  • Dan Springer, Chief Executive Officer, DocuSign
  • Maggie Wilderotter, Chairman of the Board, DocuSign; Board Member, Lyft, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Juno Therapeutics and Costco Wholesale Corporation

While most companies realize that artificial intelligence can unlock new business potential by augmenting and extending human capabilities, many struggle to realize the full value of their A.I. projects. And A.I. is only as smart as the data that fuels it. What do companies that successfully leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning have in common? This case study will help you develop a clearer roadmap to effectively implement an A.I. strategy that will lead to more informed, data-driven decisions to address challenges and create lasting impact.

Featured Speakers:

  • Christine Leitz, Portfolio Project Manager, Technology Partnerships, Boston Scientific
  • Mark Weber, Strategy & Operations Lead, MIT-IBM Watson A.I. Lab

There is a lot of hype around the future capabilities of quantum computers. We’ll explore the emerging quantum computing ecosystem, where the technology itself currently stands, what can be expected in the next five to ten years, and what companies should be doing–or getting ready for–in response.

Featured Speaker:

  • Shohini Ghose, multi-award winning physicist

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

How has the pandemic impacted companies’ business model and digital transformation roadmaps? What objectives are boards trying to address with digital technologies? What are the main barriers to operationalizing digital transformation? What are the perceived risks associated with digital transformation? These are a few questions Corporate Board Member and RSM asked in our recent survey of public company directors. We’ll share the key takeaways from the study and action items boards should take in 2021.

Featured Speakers:

  • Bill Kracunas, Principal, Management Consulting, RSM US LLP
  • Melanie Nolen, Research Director, Chief Executive Group | Corporate Board Member

In a world of constant change, the way customers interact with companies is evolving dramatically—and those customer changes are what’s driving digital transformation. As the line between real-world and digital realms all but disappears, do you have a real understanding of how people interact with your brand online and on their mobile devices? How can you improve—and scale—the omnichannel experience to seamlessly serve your customers regardless of how they are interacting with your company in-person or online? We’ll help you rethink the customer experience, regardless of what industry you are in, and develop the digital transformation strategy to match.

Featured Speakers:

  • Sarah Hofstetter, Board Member, Campbell Soup Company; President of Profitero, Ltd.
  • Bill Kracunas, Principal, Management Consulting, RSM US LLP
  • Scott Letier, Board Member, Conduent, Xerox and Grow 52
  • Moderator: Melanie Nolen, Director of Research, Chief Executive Group

Attendees will break into smaller groups for deep dives into one of the following topics:

Breakout 1: The Intersection of Ethics, Privacy and A.I.

With the recent increased scrutiny on Big Tech, companies in all industries should prepare for regulatory changes and additional attention on how they’re using data and AI. Convene with executive peers and AlixPartners experts in this interactive workshop discussion on digital ethics and data privacy. Key discussion points will include:

  • A framework for what you should be doing to prepare your company for regulatory changes
  • Which questions you should be asking to identify privacy risks
  • How you can ensure that AI is used ethically and is designed to eliminate bias

Featured Speakers:

  • David White, Co-leader, Global Cybersecurity, Privacy & Digital Investigation Practice, AlixPartners
  • Angela Zutavern, Managing Director, Co-lead of America’s Digital Practice, AlixPartners

Breakout 2: AR for Enterprises: Improving the Employee Experience

As the world’s shift to digitization has been forced into hyperdrive, organizations have found tremendous value in adopting augmented reality (AR) as a tool to drive better workforce resiliency and productivity. AR has been integral in helping businesses create new operating models and accelerate digital transformation, but perhaps equally important is the positive impact it can have on an enterprise’s workforce. Augmented reality connects frontline employees with the right information, in the right place, at the right time

Join us for a discussion on AR’s impact on employee experience, engagement and culture through the following applications of the technology:

  • Remote collaboration and support
  • Workforce training and instruction
  • Capturing and optimizing critical workflows

Featured Speaker:

  • Sam Murley, Digital Transformation Director, WW Augmented Reality, PTC

As technologies upend how traditional companies do business, companies must also transform the way they think about their most critical resource—people. What skills will be required—and how do you reskill your current employees? How do you manage teams through disruption? How do you create a culture that encourages disruption? We’ll help you tackle the human capital side of digital transformation.

Featured Speaker:

  • Alex Vetter, President and CEO, CARS Inc. (Cars.com, Dealer Inspire, DealerRater and FUEL)