Executives, Directors and Technology Visionaries Prepare for the Next Normal

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May 7-8, 2020 / disruptivetechsummit.com

Hosted by Chief Executive Group, publishers of Chief Executive and Corporate Board Member  

As companies look towards the post-COVID era, boards and CEOs must understand the emerging technologies and new business models that will drive their industries—there’s nothing more imperative. Leaders who do will have significant competitive advantage on the other side of the crisis. Those that don’t risk being left behind—permanently.

Chief Executive Group, publishers of Chief Executive and Corporate Board Member, will present the Disruptive Tech Virtual Summit 2020: Ready for the Next Normal, on May 7-8. The virtual program is the single most efficient way for board members and CEOs to explore the real-world business applications and new business opportunities resulting from today’s breakneck technological change.

In this unique virtual event, tailored to the time constraints of busy corporate leaders, you’ll learn from some of the smartest minds at MIT, as well as veteran CEOs and board members of companies who have disrupted themselves—and those around them.

Sessions include:

  • The New Business of Platforms. Post-Covid, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Google will be even stronger. Why? It isn’t what you think. We’ll explore the economic and technological forces that make these platform businesses such dominant players in the economy and the future of work—and how you can adapt what they do. Learn how your company can adapt to compete and establish staying power for long-term competitiveness. Presenter: Michael Cusumano, Sloan Management Review Professor of Management, MIT Author, The Business of Platforms: Strategy in the Age of Digital Competition
  • A.I. For The Next Normal. We’ll share real-world examples of how A.I. is changing the way organizations approach traditional processes, customer experience and new revenue generation. We’ll identify the challenges companies face—such as balancing accuracy and speed—and preview the possibilities coming out of the lab in the future. Presenter: Mark Weber, Strategy and Operations Lead MIT-IBM Watson A.I. Lab
  • How Predictive Analytics Solves For Times of Disruption. We’ll walk through real business case studies of companies who are using advanced analytics to identify P&L improvements and profitability options in the midst of, and coming out of, our current global unease. Presenter: Jonathan Byrnes, Board Member, MSC Industrial Direct; Senior Lecturer, MIT; Author, Islands of Profit in a Sea of Red Ink

And more: Full agenda here.

You’ll help your organization successfully navigate this era of explosive disruption, and whatever comes next. Think more digitally, ask smarter questions and be ready for the Next Normal. Join us for Disruptive Tech Virtual Summit on May 7-8 from wherever you are, no travel required.

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