Reshaping Board Oversight In An Era of Technology & Disruption

In today’s corporate environment, there are many kinds of disruption that affect U.S. public companies. Regulatory disruptions, digital disruptions, and market disruptions are in many ways woven together—but also distinct—in the challenges they pose to a company’s management and board of directors.

“As business disruption threatens the very sustainability of companies,” said Sheila Hooda, board member with Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company & Virtus Investment Partners, “it is…a core fiduciary responsibility of the board to manage, navigate and mitigate the risks of disruption to the companies they oversee…Boards need to evolve their process, priorities and practices with a level of urgency.”

In this episode, Hooda joins host TK Kerstetter to discuss how today’s business and technology landscapes are evolving and, most importantly, what boards should be doing to keep pace.

Specifically, Hooda calls on boards to reexamine their role in human capital oversight, as well as their relationship with company management, as they strive to adapt board processes and dynamics for today’s pace of change. In this episode, we cover:

  • As technology disrupts every industry, what are the implications for board members?
  • Specifically, what should boards do to reshape their roles in this era of disruption?
  • How must the board evolve its role in human capital oversight? In its relationship with management?

The original episode can be found here.