The Board’s Evolving Role In Strategy

A few years ago, an annual strategy session or retreat was considered sufficient for boards and management teams to feel that they were ahead of the curve. Fast forward to today, and the nature, need and frequency of those strategy discussions are rapidly evolving.

In this episode, Paula Loop, Leader of PwC’s Governance Insights Center, returns to Inside America’s Boardrooms to discuss the board’s role in strategy—particularly, how that role is evolving amid today’s competitive landscape and emerging technologies.

Sharing insights from a recent PwC publication, The Board’s Role in Strategy: Getting the Process Right, Loop discusses how today’s boards can balance “the short-term” with “the long-term”, yet also create a road map that’s flexible enough to adapt. In this episode, Loop and host TK Kerstetter cover:

  • How are emerging technologies evolving strategy discussions for today’s boards?
  • How does the board-CEO relationship impact the board’s role in strategy?
  • As investors request more disclosure around strategy, how should boards be communicating the company’s plan for long-term value creation?

The original episode can be accessed here.