Webcast: Integrating ESG Criteria Into Business Performance

The conversation in boardrooms is moving from an awareness of “why do we need to think about ESG as a performance driver” to “how do we integrate ESG criteria into our evaluation of business performance."

A 2021 study by RSM US found that 66% of mid-market companies reported having formal plans regarding commitments to ESG initiatives. But integrating ESG metrics into formal performance evaluations can be tricky given a lack of uniformity around standards right now.

We sat down with Anthony DeCandido, ESG advisory partner and financial services senior analyst for RSM US, to explore how companies can further develop their ESG roadmap to make lofty goals more attainable—and more specifically how technology can enable that strategy.

Discussion questions include:

  1. We’ve heard a lot about how important ESG is for companies to include in their strategic plans.  Why should technology also be part of that conversation? Is this for compliance, decision usefulness, or both?
  2. And how do companies prioritize what needs to be done in the short-term versus what is more long-term initiatives?
  3. The board isn’t actually owning this implementation. Who is? Where should responsibility lie in the organization? Given how much data and internal information is needed, would this sit with Finance or HR or Compliance or Legal or a combination of those?
  4. Regardless of where in the organization ownership lives, what are the most important questions boards should be asking to hold management accountable on this?


For comments, questions and feedback, contact:

Anthony DeCandido, ESG Advisory Partner and Financial Services Senior Analyst, RSM US – Anthony.DeCandido@rsmus.com

Jamie Tassa, Publisher, Corporate Board Member – jtassa@chiefexecutivegroup.com

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