Webcast: Are You a Personal Cyber Risk to Your Company?

To ensure the safety of both you and the organizations’ boards you serve on, it is vital that board members prioritize personal cybersecurity measures.

Cybersecurity tools and software have gotten better. But so have cyber attackers. While organizations have built fortresses around their systems, attackers have learned to exploit vulnerabilities that are in the hands of people – small openings that can cause huge damage.

In this interview with Zach Ganot, Co-founder and CEO of Sunday Security, a leader in providing personal cybersecurity for business executives, we explore how executives are increasingly targeted by hackers as means of penetrating the enterprise.

You’ll gain valuable insights around:

  • Present-day cybersecurity threats for boards
  • How these dangers personal affect board members
  • Proactive steps board members can take to mitigate these threats


1 in 3 Americans has experienced a personal account being compromised. This startling statistic is a stark reminder of how likely this is to happen to anyone.

To learn more about the most frequently targeted attack surfaces and what you can do to minimize your risks, visit Sunday Security’s blog on their website at www.sundaysecurity.com.