Webcast: Board of Directors Role in Digital Transformation: From Cloud Adoption to AI

Learn the key security issues boards should be thinking about around cloud adoption and AI as part of a digital transformation strategy.

In Corporate Board Member’s What Directors Think study, directors ranked cybersecurity and digital transformation as the top two biggest challenges to oversee in their board role. The rapid rise and adoption of AI, and ongoing global cybersecurity threats and challenges are putting increased pressure on board members to recognize and address potential risks to their organizations.

In this interview with David Homovich, a solutions consultant in the office of the CISO for Google Cloud, we explore:

  • Cloud security trends and considerations of moving to the cloud versus an on-premise infrastructure
  • The role of the board in moving to the cloud as part of a digital transformation strategy
  • Actions boards can take to ensure a holistic approach to move transformation beyond a “lift and shift”, change the management of operational risk, and implement a feedback loop
  • Developing a framework that applies to other emerging technologies including AI


For more insights, visit Google Cloud’s Board of Directors Hub for additional thought leadership and best practices. On a quarterly basis, Google releases a “Perspectives on Cybersecurity for the Board” report with two recent reports digging deeper into the issues we’ve touched on in our conversation here.