Webcast: Cyber Security Oversight – And Why You Shouldn’t Cut Costs

66% of directors say cyber risk is a significant concern for implementing new technologies. Gain pragmatic advice to help your board align security needs—and budget—with your business goals.

In Corporate Board Member’s 20th annual What Directors Think study, public company board members told us that cyber and data security is their most challenging issue to oversee. Based on his experience helping companies advance their cybersecurity programs, Matt Franko, a principal in RSM US’s risk consulting practice, joins us to share valuable advice to help you improve your oversight efforts. Gain insights on:

  • The potential financial repercussions across the business to cutting cyber investments
  • How challenge management’s assumptions on cybersecurity priorities
  • “Need to know” information your CISO should bring to the board
  • How much cyber liability insurance you really need
  • Bringing in a third party to validate your cyber approach and uncover red flags


For more information:

Matt Franko, Principal, Risk Consulting Practice, RSM US LLP

matt.franko@rsmus.com | 216.927.8224

Jamie Tassa, Publisher, Corporate Board Member

jtassa@chiefexecutivegroup.com | 615.592.1506