Board Governance

M&A, Valuations and Activism: Board Lessons From 2008

The causes are different, but lessons in the context of M&A and activism abound from the 2008 market collapse and the challenging environment that followed.

‘For Once, I’m Going to Put Shareholders Last’: Retired Citigroup Chairman Michael O’Neill’s Covid-Crisis...

Michael O’Neill knows a bit about crisis. He stepped into the role of non-executive chairman of Citigroup in 2012, one of the darkest times in the banks’ history. Citi had recently failed the Federal...
Maggie Wilderotter

Covid Crisis: Veteran Director Maggie Wilderotter On What Boards Should Do Now

In this time of uncertainty, Corporate Board Member is reaching out to some of the most experienced public-company directors we know for their considered advice on what boards can, and should, be doing. First...

Don’t Fear Your Founders

As Facebook, Tesla and Twitter directors have all learned the hard way, allowing monarch CEOs free reign borders on board negligence.

The Novel Coronavirus Requires Classic Crisis Management

The emergence of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) will separate weak businesses from strong ones – and gives board members an unprecedented opportunity to assess management teams.

Twitter Board Fight Shows Why Directors Should Evaluate CEOs Regularly

An earlier appraisal of CEO Dorsey would have helped to avoid an activist investor battle—and the appearance of having lost it.

Board Leadership Program

The leading continuing education program for public company boards.

How To Onboard A New Director

Boards must be prepared to onboard new directors and facilitate a process that allows them to hit the ground running.

Guide To Board Assessments

Engaging a useful, annual self-assessment is fundamental to governance excellence. Stakeholders expect it, and disclosure of it evidences a board’s effectiveness and commitment to its role.

Committee Briefings: Top Considerations for 2020

Investor expectations, new disclosure requirements, ESG, current and future trends–your committee agendas are filling up.