Board Governance

Board Service is Not a Competitive Sport

I was retained by a company in crisis; in short order the lead investor assumed the role of chairman and appointed a new board composed of many from his executive team at another enterprise,...

Keeping an Eye on Finance Transformation

Transformation is never easy. As the term suggests, it requires dramatic upheaval, drastic change, and the road to the other side is paved with plenty of bumps. There likely will be unpleasant surprises, gaps...

The Key Players Needed to Battle Climate Change? America’s Boards.

The Energy industry is undergoing a "once-in-100-years" transformation. At the confluence between the fourth industrial revolution, climate change, and heightened stakeholder awareness, how we think about energy is at a crossroads. In the past...

Twitter, Facebook Show Impact Ethics Has on Data Governance Policy

Corporate boards may need to add more ethical considerations to their data governance policies. Recent public announcements regarding the promotion of false and misleading information by Twitter and Facebook demonstrate the type of policy...

Stand By A Controversial CEO? Five Questions The Board Should Ask

Public controversy prior to Occidental Petroleum’s recent acquisition
 of Anadarko Petroleum epitomizes the pressure boards can face in supporting a CEO caught in the spotlight of scrutiny. The company’s planned $38 billion acquisition of...

I.S.S. Sues S.E.C. Over New Proxy Advisory Rules

Proxy advisory firm Institutional Shareholder Services filed a lawsuit against the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday over new rules the regulator issued earlier this year requiring more disclosure over how the firm and...

Board Leadership Program

The leading continuing education program for public company boards.

How To Onboard A New Director

Boards must be prepared to onboard new directors and facilitate a process that allows them to hit the ground running.

Guide To Board Assessments

Engaging a useful, annual self-assessment is fundamental to governance excellence. Stakeholders expect it, and disclosure of it evidences a board’s effectiveness and commitment to its role.

Committee Briefings: Top Considerations for 2019

Investor expectations, new disclosure requirements, ESG, current and future trends–your committee agendas are filling up.