Human Capital

Boards Asked To Play A Larger Role In Talent Management And Culture

Four issues boards need to consider to stay on top of talent strategy.

The Road To Success Is Paved With High Expectations

Building a high-achieving organization isn’t just about hiring the right people—it's about stretching the abilities of the people you have. 

Think Twice About Using Premium Surcharges To Boost Vaccination

It may sound like a good alternative to mandating, but it likely won't have the intended effect of increasing vaccination rates—and could create administrative and legal headaches down the road.

Tying Diversity Metrics To Exec Pay—A Governance ‘Best Practice’?

Almost a quarter of businesses are tying diversity goals to executive pay. Exploring how this approach might help improve a company’s diversity efforts could lead to significant benefits for all stakeholders.

How To Ride The 4th Industrial Revolution

Covid just accelerated a trend that was already in full force before the pandemic. Now the question for boards and management is, can we find the long-term opportunity?

Disruption And Talent Challenges Are Rattling Executives’ Confidence

To navigate disruption and prevail in the escalating talent war, companies need a bold, new approach to leadership.

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Director Optimism Declines For 7th Consecutive Month

After peaking in April, board members’ outlook for the future of business slipped further in November, driven by renewed Covid fears, inflation and a tight labor market.