Shareholder Engagement

Five Ways Boards Can Unlock ESG’s Strategic Value

To thrive in this new era of accelerating transformation and stakeholder capitalism, companies should embrace ESG as a business imperative.

Board Legend Marty Lipton: ‘Shareholder Primacy Is Just Dead Wrong’

Known as a defender of choice for companies under attack, Martin Lipton has also been arguing against short-termism for more than three decades.

Survey Says Investors Will Pay A Premium For Companies That Handle ESG Well

Boards should anticipate that shareholders are going to be more willing to use an activist approach to push companies to respond to ESG concerns next year.

What Are Directors Saying About ESG And Human Capital Governance?

A survey of 170 board directors around the world reveals perspectives on company purpose, shareholder primacy, ESG and human capital governance.

Corporate Governance And Shareholder Activism For Family-Owned Public Companies

The 2018 battle between the Campbell Soup and Third Point Capital showed that even public companies with substantial family ownership are not immune to the most bruising, distracting and costly of the activist shareholder weapons: the proxy fight.

Four Keys To Effective Governance Reviews

When done well, these reviews help optimize how a company functions at its highest level and build trust with shareholders and other important stakeholders.

Corporate Board Member Institute

The leading continuing education program for public company boards.

Poll: U.S. Corporate Directors’ Optimism Jumps In March

U.S. public company board members are increasingly confident about the future for business, betting on low interest rates and the unleashing of consumer demand following a successful vaccine rollout.

Director Fundamentals

A comprehensive guide & training course on the role of the public company director.