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Opening Closed Doors Through Open Innovation

At its best, Open Innovation really exists at the outer boundaries of R&D. It’s all about translating deep science and technological investigation into commercially viable pathways for productization.

How A Board Can Encourage A Company To Innovate

A board should help a company chart out its future, constantly reminding its senior executives that the future is by definition different than its past and that its business model isn't immortal. They can and must be continually reinvented

The Four Principles of Corporate Innovation

Board directors face a stark choice: Develop a viable approach to innovation at their organization or face a slow and agonizing descent to irrelevance.

Inside The Innovation Stack

Understanding the “Innovation Stack” – the hierarchy of innovation efforts that have emerged in large organizations - is critical for boards.

Boardroom Innovation: The Role Of Boards In Driving Strategic Growth

Industry disruption and business model innovation are two of the top trends corporate directors anticipate will impact their companies in the next year. 

Adjusting Your Fight Plan: Business Strategy In The Age Of Agile...

Three-to five-year business plans – once a staple of good governance – are a thing of the past as disruption increases and change quickens.

To Manage Cyber Risk, Boards Need More Insight

Cyber risk, which has always represented a significant area of enterprise risk, is finally being acknowledged as intersecting with other areas of the board’s oversight.

Board Under Siege: What Wells Fargo Did Right (And Wrong)

The real test for good governance occurs in the wake of a crisis.

Shareholder Engagement: A Balancing Act

Board members share whether their oversight responsibilities should mandate regular communication with shareholders.