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2022 Outlook on the Economy/Taxes

Thursday, January 27, 2021 | 2:00 – 2:50 pm ET
Join Chief Executive Group to glean insights from AllianceBernstein on financial projections for 2022, including inflation, GDP, interests rates and stock market returns. We will also summarize BBB’s tax proposals that are likely to be part of a revised bill and discuss planning strategies to consider implementing in advance of any tax law changes.

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Digital Transformation and the Customer: A Forward-Looking Framework for Boards

Covid brought out a pace of change no one would have imagined one year ago. The pandemic has impacted many companies’ business models and digital transformation roadmaps. Objectives have shifted, new risks have emerged, and consumer habits are now constantly pivoting to take advantage of the latest technology. In Corporate Board Member and RSM’s recent survey of public company directors, 84% said the primary objective their organizations are trying to address with digital technologies is to improve the customer experience.

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The Changing Risk Landscape: What Boards Need to Know About New DOJ Guidance

The latest guidance from the Department of Justice serves as a framework for prosecutors when evaluating companies’ compliance programs amidst investigations and subsequent charging decisions—providing a lens into how companies should be structuring their compliance programs. But how does this shift the risk landscape? It puts employees and their behaviors at the center of this new framework. Does your board have a handle on your organization’s compliance training procedures? Are you confident that your processes meet the DOJ’s expectations, or is there a chance you are at risk of non-compliance? Join Neha Gupta, CEO of True Office Learning, to discuss why now, more than ever, boards must take a keen interest in how people risk is being monitored and mitigated both within and outside of training.

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Year-end Compensation Planning in the Covid-19 Landscape

Covid-19 introduced much uncertainty for incentive plans, both in-cycle (i.e., 2020 bonus plans and performance shares granted in 2018, 2019 and 2020) and any new plans companies are considering (new year bonus plans and equity grants). When Covid-19 hit, most companies adopted a “wait and see” approach to their compensation planning. In other words, the environment was so uncertain, most companies were reluctant to make adjustments to their plans mid-year to account for the new environment, since it was difficult to predict with any reliability how year-end would look. As year-end draws near, companies will have to make these decisions shortly. So what’s the right thing to do? Join Corporate Board Member, FW Cook and Debevoise for an interactive discussion to help you make important year-end compensation decisions.

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Profitable Reemergence from the Crisis: Creditors, Debt, Restructuring and Capital Triage

Don’t let the difficulty of this historic economic downturn turn into a disaster. Armed with the right techniques, tactics and strategies, executives and boards can help their firms reemerge profitably post-crisis—but you need to know what’s possible.​Chief Executive Group and DLA Piper hosted this webinar to help executives and their board teams navigate the current environment, and assess answers to important operational and legal considerations.

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