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Diligent Institute

Boards Past, Present and Future: How to Manage Your Evolving Role

Join this interactive discussion to reflect on 20 years of change—and continuity—in America’s boardrooms. We’ll explore how public company boards’ challenges and priorities have changed over two decades, how they haven’t—and where they’re heading. Be part of the dialogue on February 21, 1:00 – 1:50 pm ET to gain pragmatic insights and tangible ideas to help contribute more strategically in your boardroom discussions in 2023.

Measuring Sustainability to Create Value

View this webinar with Accenture and StrategicCFO360 to explore how to determine what success looks like and how accountability for sustainability measurement, analytics and performance needs to be embedded into the “Sustainability DNA” of the organization, with transparency and trust enshrined along the way.

Board Briefing: War in Ukraine – Important Supply Chain Considerations

View this webinar to explore how the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine will mark the end of the “peace dividend” period that began with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the opening of China to the west, some 30 years ago.  Hundreds of firms have radically shifted their Russia business plans – even when not required to by sanctions– and supply chains are being sharply impacted by rising prices and shortages of energy, agri-food commodities, and critical materials. To help us sort through the dynamics of the conflict and its impact on the global economy, we were joined by Michael McAdoo.

McKinsey & Company

CEO Excellence: 6 Mindsets that Distinguish High-Performing Leaders

View this webinar to explore how the best CEOs think and act differently across six core responsibilities, as described in our speakers’ new book, CEO Excellence. Based on decades of research and hundreds of hours of interviews with the 21st century’s top-performing CEOs, the authors will help you answer critical leadership questions.

Executing a Forward-Looking Approach to Emerging Technologies Opportunities and Risks

View this interactive workshop to see a discussion about how boards and CIOs/CISOs can work together to see around corners, incorporate risk considerations into their strategic decisions, and use new data to their advantage.

All Eyes on the Board: How to Reduce Your Financial Exposure to Cyber Risk

From operational disruption to shareholder lawsuits to stock devaluation to customer loss, cyber breaches have caused major financial loss for many companies. Many organizations are undertaking Cyber Risk Quantification efforts as a way of managing their financial exposure. How should boards evaluate these initiatives? Who should be involved?

What Directors Think: How Boards Can Rise to the Challenge

Find out what’s on the minds of other public company directors, and more importantly, gain advice from a panel of seasoned directors on new approaches and key questions you should be asking at your next board meeting as you seek to oversee rapidly evolving risks.

2022 Outlook on the Economy/Taxes

Glean insights from AllianceBernstein on financial projections for 2022, including inflation, GDP, interests rates and stock market returns. We will also summarize BBB’s tax proposals that are likely to be part of a revised bill and discuss planning strategies to consider implementing in advance of any tax law changes.

Digital Transformation and the Customer: A Forward-Looking Framework for Boards

Covid brought out a pace of change no one would have imagined one year ago. The pandemic has impacted many companies’ business models and digital transformation roadmaps. Objectives have shifted, new risks have emerged, and consumer habits are now constantly pivoting to take advantage of the latest technology. In Corporate Board Member and RSM’s recent survey of public company directors, 84% said the primary objective their organizations are trying to address with digital technologies is to improve the customer experience.


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