Board Effectiveness

Preventing Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

At a time when disclosures of sexual misconduct arrive every day with the morning news, companies are being forced to recognize their own legal duty to protect workers from sexual harassment.

Managing Tough Issues In The Boardroom

Tough issues, once outlier events, have become commonplace. As companies come under an increasingly hot spotlight from multiple stakeholders, directors find themselves having to answer more quickly and proactively.

Three Issues That Will Keep Corporate Directors On Their Toes In 2018

Based on dozens of discussions this past year with boardroom stakeholders, including proxy advisors, directors, and active and passive investors, corporate directors can expect unprecedented challenges in the year ahead.

Guidance For Documenting Board & Committee Minutes

Well-documented board minutes are critical. Yet, much confusion still exists about the appropriate level of detail.

Experience Beats Credentials In The Emergency Room. What About The Boardroom?

After a doctor performs a procedure for the 60th time, we see better outcomes. Should we be thinking similarly about how we choose a CEO?

Internal Discontent Rises On Boards As Performance Pressures Grow, PwC Survey Finds

A whopping 46 percent of directors surveyed by PwC recently said that someone on their board should be replaced, and 21 percent said two or more fellow directors should be given the boot.

Corporate Board Member Institute

The leading continuing education program for public company boards.

Directors’ Outlook For Economy Dims To Pre-Vaccine Levels On Inflation Fears

Our gauge of U.S. public company board member confidence is now just 3 percent above where it was last fall, before Covid-19 vaccines were released.