Compensation Committee

Expect Higher Scrutiny Of Director Compensation

Whether you believe directors are underpaid or not, any fierce arguments for higher compensation will likely give the appearance of self-dealing.

The Expanding Role Of The Compensation Committee

Increased regulatory scrutiny and stakeholder activism have contributed to a broadening role, according to panelists at "Building Better Boards."

The Talent And Culture Agenda

Companies are well aware that they need to align their culture with strategy, but they struggle with just how to get it right. Compensation committee panelists at "Building Better Boards" shared insights on what boards can do to help.

Board Survey: Trends In Executive Comp

Want to know how your board stacks up? Meridian's annual survey identified trends on a host of executive compensation and corporate governance topics. 

When Better Measures Don’t Produce Better Results

Delivering sustained superior shareholder returns takes a lot more than tying CEO compensation to new growth measures.

To Incent Or Not To Incent

What the rising emphasis on ESG means for compensation planning.

Corporate Board Member Institute

The leading continuing education program for public company boards.

Poll: U.S. Corporate Directors’ Optimism Jumps In March

U.S. public company board members are increasingly confident about the future for business, betting on low interest rates and the unleashing of consumer demand following a successful vaccine rollout.

Director Fundamentals

A comprehensive guide & training course on the role of the public company director.