Compliance & Ethics

ISS Guidance: “Appropriate Discretion” Will Be Used To Evaluate Board Decisions

It's not clear yet how ISS will implement the guidance, so full disclosure on all decisions made will help boards avoid clashes.

Anti-Corruption In The Coronavirus Era

Challenging times can sometimes lead good people to put ethical behavior aside. Here's what boards and executives can do now to lower liability.

When Lack Of A Red Flag Is A Red Flag

An analysis of more than two million whistleblower reports at publicly traded U.S. companies finds that companies with more employee hotline reports perform better, are generally healthier and attract fewer negative headlines.

Improving Compliance Through Advanced Technology

A new study conducted by Corporate Board Member and FTI Consulting shows today’s rapidly shifting environment is challenging boards’ established oversight function of compliance programs.

Sex and the CEO

Amorous relationships between bosses and subordinates are fraught with risk. Boards need to deal with the issue head-on to protect employees, the company, shareholders and themselves.

The One Question You Should Ask To Help Your Board Stay Compliant

When peeling back the onion on many corporate ethics scandals, a common theme is the Board of Directors not having proper and timely information. While board members are typically well intentioned, a passive management...

Corporate Board Member Institute

The leading continuing education program for public company boards.


How To Onboard A New Director

Boards must be prepared to onboard new directors and facilitate a process that allows them to hit the ground running.

Guide To Board Assessments

Engaging a useful, annual self-assessment is fundamental to governance excellence. Stakeholders expect it, and disclosure of it evidences a board’s effectiveness and commitment to its role.

Committee Briefings: Top Considerations for 2020

Investor expectations, new disclosure requirements, ESG, current and future trends–your committee agendas are filling up.