Initiative To Increase Black Directors Could Boost Board Diversity

The Board Challenge will use a network of influential organizations and senior business and community leaders to encourage companies to add Black directors—an approach that hasn’t been tried before.

How To Be A High Performance Board

In a time of unparalleled crisis and change, directors are relying on time-worn fundamentals to get them through.

California Bill May Force Boards To Debate Diversity

The new legislation is certain to face strong opposition in the courts—but too much vocal opposition by individual directors could do reputational harm.

Judy Marks On Why She Elevated D&I To Top Priority At Otis Worldwide

Given the company's presence around the globe, "the board challenged us" to use a "wide lens" in developing the new initiative for inclusivity.

Nom-Gov: Getting Around Implicit Bias

CEOs and boards continue to talk about how to make real and lasting changes to culture to address racism and implicit bias in their own organizations. Shareholders are making clear they will not be...

What Boards Can Learn About Diversity From HP

When the company had an opportunity to build its board from scratch after the breakup of Hewlett Packard, it made diversity a top priority.

Corporate Board Member Institute

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How To Onboard A New Director

Boards must be prepared to onboard new directors and facilitate a process that allows them to hit the ground running.

Corporate Board Members Grow Confident In 2021 Economic Recovery

Our latest poll of U.S. public company board members shows increased optimism about business in 2021, betting on a successful vaccine rollout and a return to political stability—although many remain cautious over the potential for increased taxes and new regulations.

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