Cyberproofing Your Board

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Board members are high-value target for hackers, given their access to sensitive information.

Protecting against cyber-attacks is becoming increasingly important, and board members are not exempt from this reality. To ensure the safety of both themselves and the organizations they serve, it is vital that board members prioritize personal cybersecurity measures and consider enrolling in executive protection programs.

Here are five reasons why every board member should be part of a digital executive protection program in 2023:

1. Protect Against Doxxing

Board members are often in the public eye, and their personal information is readily available across various data brokers, making them highly vulnerable to doxxing attacks. These attacks can be used to intimidate or harass board members, or even their families.

Executive protection programs can provide board members with online exposure protection, monitoring and removal of their personal details from data brokers, safeguarding them from any doxxing attempts.

2. Defend Against Hacking Board

members are high-value targets for hackers, given their access to sensitive information. This information can be used to blackmail board members, steal intellectual property or even cause harm to the organization they serve on.

Moreover, typical enterprise cybersecurity controls often do not protect board members, leaving them highly susceptible to attacks. Executive protection programs can provide board members with advanced personal cybersecurity solutions that protect against hacking and ensure the security of their personal devices and accounts.

3. Prevent Impersonation

Board members face the growing threat of impersonation, which can lead to identity theft, reputational damage and financial loss. Impersonation attempts can be used by hackers or scammers to gain access to sensitive information or deceive others into believing they are the board member. Executive protection programs provide board members with ongoing monitoring and remediation that identify and remove any impersonation attempts.

4. Shield Against Identity

Theft Board members are highly susceptible to identity theft, which can result in devastating consequences for both themselves and the organizations they serve. Identity theft can lead to significant financial losses, reputational damage and legal liabilities.

Executive protection programs can provide board members with comprehensive identity theft protection services, including credit monitoring, alert systems, fraud resolution services and insurance coverage in case of a breach. By enrolling in such a program, board members can proactively protect themselves from the growing threat of identity theft.

5. Avoid Being the Topic of an SEC Filing

Companies are required to disclose any material risk factors that could impact their operations or financial performance, including risks related to executive safety and cybersecurity.

Incidents such as a personal hacked email may need to be reported if there is a fear that any corporate-related information may have been compromised. Enrolling in an executive protection program can help board members avoid such incidents and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Are you a board member who isn’t part of an executive protection program?

Don’t leave your personal and professional security to chance—take control and enroll in an executive protection program today!

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