a live, online event


February 2-3, 2021


2020 has brought waves of change not seen in a century.

The adapt-or-die situation of Covid-19 accelerated digital transformation strategies from years to months, underscoring the importance of tech agility. Certainly, the post-pandemic competitive environment requires every company in every industry to rethink their technology strategy for the future—which creates tremendous opportunity for proactive boards.

The 3rd annual Disruptive Tech Summit is the single most efficient way for board members and C-suite executives to explore the real-world business applications and new business opportunities resulting from today’s rapid technological change.

  • Learn how six technologies—Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Autonomous Machines and 5G Networks—will reshape every business.
  • Hear how a CEO and Board Chair team create a corporate culture that supports self-disruption
  • Understand the workforce dynamics at play and how to upskill your employee base to execute digital transformation, improve margins and bolster the bottom line
  • Glean insights from case studies of how companies are using key technologies to change the customer experience
Directors that believe their company is behind in their digital transformation process
3 out of 5 60%

Source: 2020 CBM/PwC Digital Transformation Study


Steve Brown

Former Chief Evangelist, Intel
Author, The Innovation Ultimatum – How six strategic technologies will reshape every business in the 2020s

Sarah Hofstetter

Board Member, Campbell Soup Company
President, Profitero, Ltd.

Dan Springer

Chief Executive Officer, DocuSign

Maggie Wilderotter

Chairman of the Board, DocuSign
Board Member, Lyft, HP, Juno Therapeutics and Costco


Identify Competitive Advantages

Learn from the digital front-runners how to maximize technology investments and how to upskill employees to improve margins and bolster the bottom line.

Ask Smarter Questions

Glean a better understanding of how different technologies are changing operations and processes so you can challenge management’s traditional assumptions.

Think More Digitally

Understand the real issues and business opportunities with technologies from AI and blockchain to robotics and quantum computing—and avoid painful pitfalls.

Position Your Company for Success

Help your company navigate this era of explosive disruption by learning lessons from other companies’ successes and failures.  



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