Legal & Regulatory

SEC Commissioner Allison Lee Hints At Potential Climate And ESG Disclosure Rules

When government agencies, proxy advisors and shareholders all agree on the same things, it’s time for boards to move.

Can An Ethical Corporate Culture Increase Business Success?

Companies with ethical corporate cultures can reap several rewards, including better reputations, fewer legal headaches and higher returns.

Deciding The Future Of Work

All-virtual, on-site only or maybe a blended approach? Mandate vaccinations—or not? Think hard: What you choose now will have long-reaching effects on your company—and its culture.

SEC’s Elad Roisman: 5 Ideas To Get A Grip On ESG Compliance Costs

Roisman tells directors that SEC should “consider tailoring new rules to mitigate costs” before embarking on a widely-anticipated wave of ESG rulemaking.

Biden’s Focus On Climate Will Challenge Boards

To achieve the President's ambitious goals, his administration will need cooperation from corporations. What boards and CEOs need to know.

After Covid, Get Ready To Get Sued

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Corporate Board Member Institute

The leading continuing education program for public company boards.

Director Optimism Hits New Low In September

Corporate Board Member’s September reading of director sentiment shows optimism waning, as companies continue to grapple with unresolved challenges and lingering uncertainties.