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Reexamining Hiring Pay Practices

As competition for talent intensifies, companies may need to rethink executive recruitment packages.

Four Key Areas In M&A And Governance Boards Should Focus On Post Pandemic

Although we have not conquered the virus yet, we all hope that the world is gradually emerging from the global pandemic, one of the most challenging and uncertain times in our memory. As the...

Market Trends In Change-In-Control Severance Arrangements

Evaluating CIC severance arrangements starts with understanding the purpose of the program and the fundamental plan objectives.

Board Due For A Tune-Up? Get Aligned With Board Evaluations

Organizations that are not utilizing evaluations to measure board and management performance could be missing an opportunity for growth.

Three Important KPIs For Corporate Governance Professionals

Key performing indicators (KPIs) are frequently used to evaluate corporate governance teams. Based on nearly 30 years of experience as Nasdaq’s Corporate Secretary, I have found that there are many important KPIs for corporate...

Bridging The Digitization And Cybersecurity Divide

In pursuing the opportunities technological advances bring, boards must also navigate new vulnerabilities.

Corporate Board Member Institute

The leading continuing education program for public company boards.

Director Confidence Falls To New Low In October

Corporate Board Member’s October reading of director sentiment shows continued decline in optimism among U.S. public company board members. More now expect business conditions to deteriorate over the coming year.