March 16, 2022 | 2:00 – 3:00 pm ET

Executing a Forward-Looking Approach to Emerging Technologies Opportunities and Risks

Blockchain, IoT, 5G and other rapidly changing technologies provide immense opportunities and sometimes immeasurable exposures to their organizations. Adopting new technologies is not optional. But how you prepare for their impact can distinguish you from your competitors. And at the heart of that preparation is cybersecurity.  

Join this interactive workshop to discuss how boards and CIOs/CISOs can work together to see around corners, incorporate risk considerations into their strategic decisions, and use new data to their advantage. 

Discussion items will include:

  • Understanding the full potential of IoT, 5G, and Blockchain 
  • Data and Privacy Issues around these new technologies 
  • Planning for the unexpected, or expected – Cyber Risks


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Why Attend?

41% of directors say the issue they find most challenging to oversee in their role is cybersecurity—the top issue, ahead of talent and culture. – 2022 Corporate Board Member and Diligent Institute What Directors Think survey

80% of U.S-based CIOs rate the threat level of a cyberattack or data breach for their organization as major to severe, on a 10-point scale. – Sept. 2021 StrategicCIO360 CIO Confidence Index


Homaira Akbari

CEO, AKnowledge Partners and Board Member, Banco Santander

Dr. Homaira Akbari was appointed to serve on Santadar’s Board of Directors as of January 2020. Dr. Akbari will serve on the Company’s Risk Committee and Regulatory and Compliance Oversight Committee. Dr. Akbari is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of AKnowledge Partners, LLC, a global advisory firm providing high-impact consultative strategies and advice to Fortune 1000 companies and private equity firms in the sectors of The Internet of Things (“IoT”), Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and analytics. She is currently an advisor for the Board of WorkFusion, the leading provider of intelligent automation software. Dr. Akbari also serves on the Board of Directors of Landstar System, Inc., a transportation logistics company listed on NASDAQ, Banco Santander, S.A., a company incorporated in Spain and listed on the BME Madrid that is the sole shareholder of Santander Holdings, Inc., the majority shareholder of the Company, Temenos AG, a publicly traded software enterprise and US Pack Holdings, a private company in last mile transportation. From 2007 to 2012, Dr. Akbari was the President and Chief Executive Officer of SkyBitz, Inc., a leading provider of IoT asset tracking and security solutions specializing in real-time decision-making tools for companies with unpowered assets such as truck trailing equipment, intermodal containers and rail cars. Prior to her service with SkyBitz, Dr. Akbari held executive positions at Microsoft Corporation, Thales Group, TruePosition, Inc., a subsidiary of Liberty Media Corporation, and Cambridge Strategic Management Group. Dr. Akbari holds a Ph.D. in particle physics from Tufts University and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business. She served as the Chair of the Johns Hopkins University Physics and Astronomy Advisory Council, and is currently a member of Business Board of Advisors for Tepper School of Business. Previously, Dr. Akbari served on the board of directors of several public companies including Gemalto N.V., Veolia S.A. and Covisint Corporation, a company formerly listed on the NASDAQ.

Ramy Houssaini

Global Chief Privacy Officer, BNP Paribas

Ramy Houssaini is the Chief Cyber and Technology Risk Officer and Group Data Protection Officer for BNP Paribas. He is an internationally recognized executive with a unique background in Cyber Security, Data Privacy, Operational Risk Management, and Technology. He has extensive global experience in the Financial Services, Consumers Goods, Telecom, and Healthcare industries.

He has joined BNP Paribas in May 2017 to set up and lead a Technology Risk team covering all aspects of Information, Communication, and Technology Risks globally. In February 2018, he was also appointed as the Group’s Data Protection Officer to build and orchestrate a global network of Data Protection Officers and Chief Privacy Officers in compliance with GDPR and other international privacy regulations. He is a member of the RISK Executive Board at BNP Paribas.

Prior to his current role, Ramy served as the Vice President of British Telecom in Europe, the Regional Head of the Cyber Practice for Accenture, and as the Vice President for Information Security at Visa. He is an active member of several industry boards and forums with a focus on Operational Resilience, Data Privacy, and Cyber Security. He also served on the Risk and Compliance Committee of the Board of a California-based healthcare company and the advisory board of several startups focusing on optimizing technology and operational risks.

Ramy earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from McGill University, a Masters of Science from the McCormick School of engineering at Northwestern University, and a Masters in Business Administration from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.


David Koenig

President and Chief Executive Officer, The DCRO Institute; Author, Governance Reimagined and The Board Member’s Guide to Risk

David R. Koenig is the award-winning author of Governance Reimagined: Organizational Design, Risk, and Value Creation and The Board Member’s Guide to Risk. He has served on both for-profit and non-profit boards and as a chief executive officer. He created corporate risk management programs at three different companies and has managed complex financial portfolios in excess of tens of billions of dollars in size. He is the President and CEO of The DCRO Institute, serves on the advisory board of the Center for Advancing Corporate Performance, the editorial board of the Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions, is the founder of the Directors and Chief Risk Officers group (the DCRO), and is a co-founder of the Professional Risk Managers International Association (PRMIA).


Jamie Tassa

Publisher, Corporate Board Member magazine

Jamie is responsible for Corporate Board Member’s portfolio of media, content distribution and event platforms and leads all events under the Corporate Board Member and Chief Executive brands. Previously, Jamie was a managing director at Equilar and served as senior vice president of events for the NYSE’s Governance Services division. Jamie received her BA in Journalism from the University of Georgia.