Corporate Board Member’s Top Stories Of 2022

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The list provides an index of where directors were most focused during a most interesting year.

We’ve come to the end of (yet another) challenging year in America’s boardrooms. With just one week left before the beginning of 2023, it’s a good time to pause and take stock of the year we’re leaving behind, one where we pivoted from Covid fears to inflation fears to recession fears—all in just 365 quick days (that may have felt like years).

To mark the occasion, here’s a look at the top five most-read stories of 2022 on, an interesting index of where directors were most focused during a most interesting year.

1. What Directors Think 2022. An expanded digital “white paper” that outlined findings of our 19th annual What Directors Think survey of America’s boardrooms—in partnership with Dilligent Institute—found Cybersecurity an increasing focus, as well as supply chain issues and talent shortages. It’s an interesting way to benchmark your own thinking—and how it may have evolved throughout the year.

2. Bank of America’s Lionel Nowell, Marriott and Cisco Boards Honored With 2022 Board Leadership Awards. The announcement of our annual Board Leadership Awards drew a lot of attention from the community, as the selections of a group of accomplished peer directors honored some truly worthy directors for their work. For those looking for more on the winners, we featured in-depth interviews with Nowell, Marriott’s Fritz Henderson and Cisco’s Chuck Roberts leaders on

3. Greg Brenneman’s Simple Strategy. One of the most successful turnaround CEOs and public-company directors of our time—with a winning track record at Home Depot, ADP and Baker Hughes—shared his framework for finding and focusing on what really matters in the boardroom.

4. A Board’s Guide To ESG And Incentives: Effectively Identifying Top ESG Priorities. Part of a 3-part series in which experts from Ceres and Semler Brossy teamed up to provide guidance to companies that have begun to integrate ESG issues into their corporate strategies and may be considering ESG in incentives.

5. Mastering The SEC’s Climate Challenge: A Guide For Directors. Washington’s proposed rules for disclosing climate-related information bewildered boards across the nation. Corporate Board Member’s Russ Banham set out to demystify what was in the 500-page proposal, and help boards prepare for whatever happened next.

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