Webcast: 5 Characteristics of an Effective Committee Chair

The most effective committee chairs have a significant impact on how well the committee functions. So what characteristics are needed to be an effective committee chair?

Based on experience gleaned working with compensation committees across a variety of industries and sizes over the last 25 years, Gerard Leider joins us to share tips to become a more effective committee chair to, in turn, create higher-performing boards.

Learn how you can get better at 5 traits and skills:

  • Be process oriented
  • Focus on the value of a team
  • Be a good listener
  • Challenge ideas to promote understanding
  • Focus on committee evaluations


For more information:

Gerard Leider, Partner, Meridian Compensation Partners – gleider@meridiancp.com
Jamie Tassa, Publisher, Corporate Board Member – jtassa@chiefexecutivegroup.com