Director Roles & Responsibilities

Successful Transformation Demands A Hands-On Board

No matter how gifted the CEO and the leadership team, strategic transformation needs the board’s full attention. When boards play an active role instead of confining themselves to oversight, the chances of success go up.

Disruption And Talent Challenges Are Rattling Executives’ Confidence

To navigate disruption and prevail in the escalating talent war, companies need a bold, new approach to leadership.

Henry Ford III Seeks ‘External Viewpoints’ To Help Ford’s Board

The Ford scion is leaving his corporate post to help the board better govern. For other directors seeking to improve their boards, some concrete steps.

Is Your CEO The Right CEO?

The biggest risk—and opportunity—in your business today? Your leadership. The right person at the wheel will nail exponential growth and win in a digital age. The wrong one? You’re a goner. A frank guide to who you need—now.

Perspectives From The Chair: Leading With Influence

In the past, some Nom-Gov chairs felt they were perceived as onerous compliance police. Today, they have the opportunity to lead on a host of critical issues confronting organizations and their boards. A look at how to do that right.

Make The Most Of Your Board’s Diversity

Five practical tips for organizations seeking to move forward in their diversity and inclusion initiatives among senior leaders.

Corporate Board Member Institute

The leading continuing education program for public company boards.

Director Optimism Hits New Low In September

Corporate Board Member’s September reading of director sentiment shows optimism waning, as companies continue to grapple with unresolved challenges and lingering uncertainties.