Director Roles & Responsibilities

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Creating Great Culture Starts With Directors Looking In The Mirror

Boards have been wrestling with the question of how they can exercise their influence to promote, sustain, and monitor a workplace culture that maximizes organization performance and adheres to core values. Here is some guidance about how to do that.

The Next-Gen Director Dilemma

Board refreshment may be a red-hot topic, but few boards actually have a gen-xer—or millennial—at the table. We talked to three directors under the age of 50 about the realities of boardroom generational diversity.

The Four Principles of Corporate Innovation

Board directors face a stark choice: Develop a viable approach to innovation at their organization or face a slow and agonizing descent to irrelevance.

Keys To Improving Board Committee Evaluations

Mike Berthelot, a board member with Fresh Del Monte Produce and long-time outside facilitator of board evaluations, joins TK Kerstetter to discuss how boards can better orchestrate committee evaluations.

What Is The Best Advice You Have Received As A Director?

Corporate Board Member spoke with directors at the annual Boardroom Summit event in New York City this past April about the best advice they received from fellow directors when joining a board.

Driving Results: How To Improve The Board Evaluation Process

TK Kerstetter and Doug Chia, Executive Director of The Conference Board Governance Center, discuss the current state of evaluation in today’s boardrooms.

To Manage Cyber Risk, Boards Need More Insight

Cyber risk, which has always represented a significant area of enterprise risk, is finally being acknowledged as intersecting with other areas of the board’s oversight.

Board Under Siege: What Wells Fargo Did Right (And Wrong)

The real test for good governance occurs in the wake of a crisis.

Shareholder Engagement: A Balancing Act

Board members share whether their oversight responsibilities should mandate regular communication with shareholders.